How to Do Gaman Vipashyana

Two Parts:Preparing for the walkDoing Gaman Vipashyana

Gaman means moving, locomotion or walking. Viashyana means meditation. Walking is usually advised for exercise. But here it is not aimed at "improving" health but it is meant for exploring and retrieving the already existing blissful health deep within. Hence, it can also be called (and rightly so) walking meditation. Getting the very idea of starting gmaman vipashyana is a major breakthrough for your well-being; feel fortunate and privileged for it.

Part 1
Preparing for the walk

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    Decide a tentative time that does not clash with any other activities or appointments.
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    Evacuate your bladder and bowels before starting the walking meditation.
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    Wash first. Depending on weather conditions take shower, if feasible or at least make yourself fresh by face wash.
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    Use a perfume of your choice. However, it is advisable to use natural perfumes made from flowers or sandalwood.
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    Always eat light snacks before you set out for walking meditation. This is especially true if you have poor glucose tolerance or diabetes mellitus.
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    Use convenient and comfortable clothes and shoes. Your clothing should make you feel tidy, fit and light.

Part 2
Doing Gaman Vipashyana

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    Decide to start walking meditation as a sacred service to God, the core of yourself, or for the welfare of the whole universe. It does not matter even if this prayerful feeling is artificial or arbitrary in the beginning, for later it will become natural and pleasing.
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    Start walking slowly and steadily. This will ensure that don't feel tired or breathless for the duration of walking meditation you have decided to do.
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    Begin to recite the name of God or a spiritual concept you believe in. Try to synchronize it with your steps. This recital is actually in mind and silent. No audible sound is produced.
    • This becomes easy and pleasurable after a few practices.
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    Make a call from your mobile, if needed. It's okay to remember anybody or any work while you are in walking meditation. You may answer a call also. Don't suppress any thought or any feeling. After you finish the call, resume reciting the name of God or the spiritual entity again.
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    Do walking meditation alone or in group/s. But silent recitation of the name of God or the spiritual concept should be practiced with top priority. Talk on trivial maters should be avoided with mutual understanding and collective decision.
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    Return to your activities refreshed. After the meditation is over, when your frame of mind is fresh and positive, return to the day to day activities. You will find you have multiplied enthusiasm and creativity.


  • Gaman vipashyana or walking meditation is complete in itself. It is the best utilization of time for self and others; directly and indirectly.
  • Being able to do this is in itself a great accomplishment. Hence there is nothing more to expect from this activity. It itself is most satisfying and fulfilling!


  • Try to avoid doing this with an incompatible company of people.
  • Try to avoid getting dragged into vain gossip, futile discussions or counterproductive arguments.
  • Try to avoid walking on roads full of vehicles, pets/animals or other disturbances.
  • If you are physically disabled due to one reason or another, or if convalescing from an ailment, then you can share this information with your treating physician or healer and plan you meditation after consultation with him or her.

Things You'll Need

  • A torch, if and when applicable
  • A mobile phone for emergency communication
  • Walking stick or crutches if required

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