How to Do Do a Little Good for Others

This article presents various ways in which you can do a little good for others in your daily life. With just a little thought and care, you can do your little bit to make the world a better place.


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    Find ways to help life flourish and grow. Helping people to arise and maintain good qualities within themselves and their lives is very rewarding of itself. Sometimes a person is just lacking a quality that is really needed in their life right now such as courage or self worth and by helping them to arise It and teaching them how to maintain it you see them succeed and better their own lives. It is a worthwhile thing to do.
    • Another small scale way to help life flourish is to help plants to grow.
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    Create things for people. The great thing about creating things for people is that it is not about the money and when you have compassionate motivation, you begin to see your skills develop and prosper as a consequence to the point that sometimes you are able to create things from nothing. Sometimes there can be some financial gain in doing so but for the most part it is just very enjoyable for everyone involved. Try creating a variety of things depending on the situation and what is required.
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    Offer to do chores for people. Sometimes people have small jobs that they need doing but just never get round to, perhaps your mother needs her light bulbs changed, or perhaps you can cut the neighbour’s lawn for him or her. Doing this sort of thing encourages good relations between people.
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    Set up a regular good deed. This is something that everybody needs to do when they can. If you are in some sort of routine with work or otherwise it is a great time to put this in place. The idea is to do something good in a recurring way. Something that would be included in this is perhaps bringing food for everyone at work or bringing something to your mother every week. Another thing you can do is make sure the graves of loved ones are kept tidy and respectful, or make sure your work’s lunchroom is clean and tidy. Getting into these sorts of habits is a great way to lend a hand.
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    Learn how to repair things. By learning how to repair things you open yourself to a variety of ways to help. Material things break all the time and sometimes all it takes is a skillful pair of hands to avoid having to get a new one. People are always grateful when you finish and it is a great feeling to see something you have repaired working or whole again
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    Share what you know. By sharing what you know you enlighten people to new things and help them with things they are struggling with. Teaching others skills only makes you more skillful and sharing your knowledge makes you more knowledgeable. People often appreciate you sharing what you know with them because they benefit from it. And so it becomes a good thing for everyone involved.
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    Be mindful of yourself and others. It can be said that a lot of good comes simply from being mindful of yourself and others because you begin to see the effects that you are having on each other. A lot of the time we can devote lots of energy towards keeping each other in hell when it does not have to be that way. Through this kind of mindfulness comes compassion and freedom. And it also allows you to be there for others when they need you.
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    Organise get-togethers. Particularly in adult life, when you do not see your friends as much as before organising get-togethers in the form of a day out or a charity event can be a great way to see everyone again and people appreciate the opportunity to see their friends, regular meetups can also be a great way to meet new people.


  • If you can, make environments better for people. Your home environment – particularly if you plan on having people around often – can be made great for people. Your work environment can usually benefit from being made a bit better too.

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