How to Do Classic Sleepover Activies with Your Friend if She Is Shy

Classic sleepover activities, such as Truth or Dare or prank calls, can be a blast, but if your friend is too shy, then she might not like some of them. If your friend would rather play games or text on her phone than gossip about cute boys and do makeovers, but you want to do them, then this article is for you!


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    Be considerate of her feelings. If she is really uncomfortable with certain sleepover activities, then don't push her! Also, you may want to change the rules of some of the games so that she is more comfortable with doing them. For example, if you are playing Truth or Dare, the rules might be that you can't dare the other person to do anything really embarrassing in public, you can't ask super personal questions, and if you really are uncomfortable with doing a certain dare or answering a certain question, then you can skip it with no consequences whatsoever. This way she may be less reluctant to play and may end up enjoying herself!
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    Do some makeovers. If your friend is skeptical about this as well, then only do certain parts of the makeover. For example, instead of doing your friend's makeup, doing her nails, doing her hair, AND giving her a new outfit to wear, do only 1 or 2 of these things. Also, check if she is interested in anything to do with fashion. Does she do her nails often? Then give each other a manicure and/or pedicure. Does she seem to work on her hair a lot? Give her a new hairstyle to try out and let her do your hair next. Does she seem to love dressing up? Let her try on some of your clothes and have her give you an outfit to wear. You get the idea. Also, if your friend seems to think that makeovers are boring, try to make them exciting. For example, if you are doing facial masks, while you let the masks set, read some magazines or watch some TV or, if you have your eyes covered, set up a playlist and listen to music or simply talk.
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    If your friend is okay with it, do a couple of innocent prank calls. It's probably best if you do the prank call on somebody that you know. If you prank call someone you know, as long as you tell them that it's and your friend who are calling, then it's a lot safer and easier to convince your friend that it's safe to prank call and that the other person won't be offended if you prank call them. If your friend really doesn't want to do this then stop right now and don't do the call. If she decides to do it or is still a little bit uneasy about doing this, explain how you will do the call after reading these general rules to make sure that the prank call won't get you in (as much) trouble. Make sure that you say something random instead of 100% creepy (for example, say "Guess what? You are a person." instead of, "I'm going to come over and stalk you.") and then say your name and, if your friend decides to join in the call, say her name too. So, the prank call could go something like this: "This is Lacy and her awesome friend Rita. Guess what? You live in a house/apartment." After you finish the call, hang up if you don't want to hear the person's reaction, or don't hang up until the person has reacted/hung up themselves. Before doing this however, remember that even if the call is harmless you might still get in trouble.
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    Play a classic sleepover game. Try a pillow fight or flashlight tag either outside or inside in a big room with nothing to break. If your friend would rather do something a little less rambunctious, try Truth or Dare (without rowdy dares) or Would You Rather? These games can get a little rowdy, but not with certain rules and the proper attitude. You can also try MASH (the MASH app for Android and iPod is also good because it mixes Mad Libs with MASH).
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    Show her some of your favourite videos on YouTube. This isn't necessarily a classic, but it's still something that you can do at a sleepover.
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    Watch some movies. This is something that pretty much everyone does. Even shy girls enjoy movies. If your friend isn't into "mainstream" movies like Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, ask her about other movies to watch. For romantic comedies, try watching You've Got Mail or Groundhog Day. Also, if you like movies that are a bit creepy but not filled with horror, try movies like Coraline, Paranorman, and Frankenweenie. Ask your friend about some of her favourite movie and consider your own tastes to select some other movies.


  • Don't forget delicious snacks! Whatever her tastes, there should be a classic sleepover junk food that she likes.


  • Even a harmless prank call could get you in big trouble, so be careful and don't do this if the person you call can't take a joke or if your parents get really upset when you prank call!

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