How to Do Business in Mexico

Doing business in Mexico can expand your opportunities. You may be able to get by with doing business in Mexico unaided if you are fluent in Spanish and are familiar with traditional Mexican customs. Those individuals who do not fit into this category, however, should consider working with an attorney and accountant who are practicing in Mexico.


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    Find a good attorney in Mexico.
    • Ideally, this lawyer should be familiar with commercial law. The American Embassy or Consulate should be able to provide you with the name of a reputable lawyer experienced in this area.
    • Friends, family members or other associates who have spent time in Mexico may be able to provide the name of a good lawyer. Make sure they understand why you need a lawyer so you get the most appropriate recommendations.
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    Register your business.
    • You may need to register your business as a limited liability company, a civil enterprise, a limited liability stock corporation, a subsidiary or a branch. Your lawyer should be able to provide guidance on determining how to register.
    • An accountant is often needed to make sure that all steps in this process are completed. Most accountants can be hired for as little as $100 per month in Mexico.
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    Name your corporation.
    • You will need to register the name of your organization with the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (or SRE) to operate in Mexico, . You will need to change the name of your organization if there is another company operating under the same or similar title.
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    Complete the Proforma.
    • A Proforma agreement is a contract that states that, as a non-Mexican resident, you will comply with all Mexican laws, rules and regulations, and will not depend on protection from American diplomats in case of illegal activity.
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    Create the by-laws for your company.
    • When the by-laws have been completed, they will need to be approved by the Notario Publico. Notario Publicos are rare in some parts of Mexico. Be prepared to wait several weeks for this step to be completed.
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    Obtain a visa.
    • You will need an FM3 visa to operate in Mexico. This can be obtained at the nearest immigration office.

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