How to Do Bargaining in a Market for the First Time

Bargaining is a practice. You get better the more you do it. For some, bargaining can be stressful but for others they find such practice exciting. It all depends on how you look at such practice, painful or fun, it is all up to you. Whether you are hassling for a furniture or a piece of cloth is a market (especially in a different country), bargaining should be practice and here's how to bargain for those who have never done it before.


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    Be Fearless. Don't be afraid to bargain. With bargaining, you can't be shy or timid especially scared. Vendors can sense this kind of feelings and to your disadvantage, they will prey on you without mercy. Vendors are vultures and their goal is just that, to make money.
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    Walk around. Take your Time. When you aim to get a good buy, you must carry a hand full of time. Bargaining takes time and you can't rush deals. If you plan to go to a market and seriously buy things at a low cost, you have to make your whole day available.
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    Learn as you go. Always walk with an open eye. Most vendors in a market will carry almost the same product. After you spent your time walking around and making a feel of the market...then it's time to test the market. If you see a duplicate of things, asked one vendor for a price, then always make an unsatisfied face like its "too much" face then right away say, "thank you, I'm just looking around" and leave! You can then estimate the given price and use it to the second vendor who is selling the same product.
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    Understand the Situation. Study your target. If you spot a vendor that targets your liking, first you have to take a couple of things in mind. Is the vendor busy with other customer? Is there other associates that could assist you? Understanding this kind of things is crucial because you don't want to go to a vendors place when they are busy or with customers. They will only give you a little bit of their attention and when they do, they won't have patience for you and your bargaining.
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    Make a Bargain. A Sequence- When you are ready to buy, prepare to spend time in there. Between 15-30 Minutes is your estimated time. Do not rush the buy, don't stress the buy, and don't settle right away. Making your bargain is a sequence, you ask the price, you make an unsatisfied face, you hear the vendors side, you stall, you asked for the lowest price, you make an unsatisfied face again, you hear the vendors side, you make a comparison to the other vendors, you stall...then you "pretend" to walk away. If you walk away, 99% of the time the vendor will call you back in.
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    Accept negative reaction. Unpleasant reaction is possible. When bargaining and really doing good in it, chances are your vendor will be utterly despise you. Who wouldn't? Your craft got you away from being taken advantage of. You must not feel bad when your vendor shows a negative reaction.


  • Most vendors have a calculator on hand to put their price, bring your own calculator so at the end of the bargaining shenanigans you can put YOUR price.
  • In a begging of bargaining, the vendor will ask you how much you would pay for a product, do not give in a price right away.
  • Never show the vendor that you WANT the product. Never show a character of want- be neutral on the product.
  • Don't be afraid to walk away if you don't want to pay for the asking price.
  • Be ready to encounter negative remarks- but remain cool

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