How to Do an Invincible (Skateboard)

This article details how to do an Invincible, a skateboard trick which allows jumping over rails when you have mastered it.


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    Get in the Ollie stance (Front foot in the middle, back foot on the tail). Do not Ollie - just jump off your board, do a 360 spin and land back on your board!
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    Crouch down on your skateboard (the lower you crouch the higher you will go). Do not pop the tail.
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    Jump and spin a 360 spin and land on your board.
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    While you are in the air, bring your knees to your chest in order to go higher.
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    As your are landing back on your board, bend your knees (This helps to soften the impact).
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    Try to land both of your feet on the bolts.


  • Keep trying - you'll get it eventually.
  • Don't get frustrated if you can't do it in ten minutes.
  • Practice in the grass, your skateboard not rolling.
  • When you're rolling, lean forward a little.
  • Make sure you want to skate before doing this.


  • Could cause serious injuries if rolling on cement.
  • Do this under supervision.
  • Only do this trick if you are an advanced skater.
  • All skateboarding tricks, even the cheesy ones, can result in serious injuries. When skateboarding, always wear protective gear.
  • If you are a beginner you should try this stationary first to get in the motion.
  • Watch where you land your feet. If you are high in the air and your feet land on the tail or nose, your skateboard could snap. If both of your feet land in the center, you could be injured.

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