How to Do an Elevator in Cheerleading

An elevator is the second highest cheer stunt made with one stunt group. Cheerleading is about trust and if you do not trust your stunt group, don't try this! This stunt is very simple and almost any group can do it! You must enter a cheerleading elevator at a 90 degree angle in order for the stunt to work correctly. If you don't enter a stunt the right way, you are at risk for a serious injury. Most of the time if you enter a stunt at a lesser or greater angle than a 90 degrees the stunt will collapse.


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    Make sure you have two bases and a front spot, one back spot and a flyer. Make sure that the tallest and strongest person is in the back and that the two basses are about the same height and are both strong)
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    Have your bases stand facing each other with great eye reach. head apart their knees slightly bent and straight backs. Each base should have her hands slightly cupped at the floor.
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    Have the front spot grab the bases waist and load you into position. If this is your first time trying an elevator, you will want to pre-load instead of going straight up.
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    Have the back spot grab firmly grab on the flyers ankles.
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    Listen for your back spot to say something like 5,6,7,8,1,2 down, up". then they will push the flyer up no higher than their chins. As a flyer, be sure to push off the bases heads when going up.
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    To the flyer, when moving up, don't lock your legs until you are up in the air it makes it hard for the bases.
    • When it's time to dismount the back spot will say 1, 2 down up then the flyer will grab the front spot hands and the bases should slowly and softly drop the flyer.


  • To keep balance pick a certain spot on the wall and keep your eyes on that spot.
  • Always keep your butt in the air. NEVER drop your butt.
  • Do not look down or you could lose your balance.
  • Always have someone who is qualified to spot. The more spotters, the better.
  • Bases and backs should always keep their eyes on you - at competition judges take off points if they don't.
  • Make sure you have MANY spotters in case you fall.
  • Do not stretch before trying


  • Make sure that the tallest, strongest person is in the back as the back spot, that the two bases are both strong and about the same height, and that the lightest person should be the flyer. This way it will be easier and safer for everyone.
  • Don't talk when stunting, the only one who should be talking is the back spot, who is only talking to tell the basses and flyer what to do next.
  • NEVER do stunts with out supervision by an ADULT who KNOWS HOW TO DO IT and HAS EXPERIENCE WITH STUNTS.
  • If you fall you can get seriously injured

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