How to Do an Apple Cleansing Fast

Two Parts:Starting The CleanseReturning To Your Normal Diet

Fasting has been practiced by people over the course of history for a number of reasons. Some people fast for religious reasons, some for health benefits, and others believe that it has a detoxifying effect on the body. One method of fasting that people enjoy is the apple fast. It is believed that the apple fast can help remove toxins from the body and improve overall health. Although these claims are largely unproven the apple fast can still make you feel healthier and detoxified.

Part 1
Starting The Cleanse

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    Talk with your doctor. Fasting can bring health benefits and some believe that apple fasting can be a particularly good option. However, before you begin any fast you will need to consult with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you are able to safely undergo your fast. Check with your doctor before beginning your fast to make sure it's a good fit for you.[1]
    • Detox diets can make you feel better but the direct cause is unknown. It is believe that simply avoiding unhealthy or processed foods may be responsible.
    • Fasting can bring side effects such as fatigue or vitamin deficiency.
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    Learn what benefits fasting can bring with it. Fasting has been shown to produce many beneficial effects on the body. While most fasting requires you to only drink water some believe that apple fasts can also carry health benefits. Look over some of the possible benefits of fasting to get a better understanding of what you can expect from the process:[2]
    • Increased cardiovascular health.
    • Weight loss
    • Prevention of type 2 diabetes.
    • Animal testing has shown a boost to longevity.
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    Get the best kind of apples. Different types of apples will offer different types of nutrition and health benefits. Before you start you will want to look for some healthier types of apples so that you can get the most out of your apple fast. Keep some of the following information in mind when shopping for your apples:[3]
    • Organic apples won't contain pesticides and in many cases additives are forbidden.[4]
    • Granny smith, liberty, red delicious, honeycrisp, and braeburn are all good choices for apples that contain high levels of nutrients.
    • Some apples such as Golden Delicious have high levels of sugar.
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    Avoid eating a large meal before starting the fast. Although it may be tempting to eat one last giant meal before starting your fast it can actually hurt your efforts. Slowly reduce the amount of food you are eating as you enter into the fast to make it easier on your body.[5]
    • Try to eat light, healthy meals three days before the fast.
    • Avoid eating heavy foods or large meals before the fast.
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    Start your fast. During the fast you are allowed to consume as many apples as you would like. It is recommend by some that you should eat apples whenever you are hungry, without concern for how many you are consuming. So long as you are eating only apples and drinking water you are properly apple fasting.[6]
    • Eat only apples during your three day apple fast.
    • You may also drink warm water during the fast.
    • Some believe that drinking apple cider or apple juice are acceptable so long as they have no sugar added.

Part 2
Returning To Your Normal Diet

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    Gradually return to your normal diet. You won't want to suddenly resume your normal diet after your apple fast. The day you are ready to resume your normal diet, slowly add different foods throughout the day to allow your body to adjust once again to your regular diet.[7]
    • Try adding some other fruit to your breakfast.
    • Salads can be a good lunch item when returning to your normal diet.
    • Finish the day off with a light dinner, avoiding any heavy or unhealthy foods.
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    Resume your normal diet. After your fast, having focused on what you have been eating you can return to your normal diet. However, you may still wish to pay careful attention to what and how much you are eating in order to still enjoy the benefits that a healthy diet can bring.
    • Keep paying attention to what you are eating and drinking.
    • Avoid overeating after your fast even if you are feeling hungry.
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    Return to the fast if you like. Occasional fasting can bring with it many health benefits. Some believe that these health benefits can be brought on by occasionally employing the apple fast as well. Consider setting aside time in the near future that you can return to your apple fast in order to continue enjoying the benefits that this diet is thought to bring with it.[8][9]
    • Intermittent fasting can bring health benefits with it.


  • Talk with your doctor before beginning any fast.
  • Ease into your fast by eating light meals and reducing the amount you are consuming.
  • Eat only apples during the three day apple fast.
  • Break the fast slowly, gently returning through the day to your regular diet.
  • Pay attention at all times to how much and what you are eating after the fast.
  • Occasionally fasting can bring health benefits with it.


  • Fasting can have side effects including lethargy and loss of vitamin and minerals in the body.
  • Detox diets and apple fasting have not been scientifically proven to work or be safe.

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