How to Do an Ad Campaign

Have you created a business? You need an advertising campaign to attract potential customers, and make a profit from your business.


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    First of all, find out what your target audience is. If you advertise a child-free cruise with children's toys and cartoons, you won't get many customers, will you?
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    If you haven't already, complete a market research survey to find out whether your business or product is worth investing money in.
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    Watch some television adverts, look at ads on web pages or just posters, and see what catches your eye. What qualities does it have to draw your attention to it?
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    Decide whether you want to create simple advertising (poster, leaflets, etc.) or more technical things like computer ads or a TV/radio advert.
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    If your advertising campaign is visual, make it suit your business. If you are for adults, make it sleek and chic. If you are for teenagers, involve items that are fashionable; make it something that will last, though. If you are for children, make it bright and colourful, etc.
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    If your advertising campaign is audio-based, add something to make people listen, such as a funny voice commenting, sound effects, etc. Again, make sure it is appropriate for the group you are targeting.


  • Don't mention the price! It sounds stupid, but, watching TV adverts, how many times do you see a fantastic product showing off its extravagant price tag?
  • If you have staff, make a point of showing off how friendly they are.
  • Have you noticed the Facebook and Twitter symbols on every website now? Get accounts for popular social networking sites, so you seem up to date and can communicate with customers.
  • Don't forget to mention contact details; where your shops/businesses are, phone numbers, websites, emails...
  • Include reviews from happy customers, and staff telling the cameras how great the job is.


  • Similarly, don't worry if someone steals your idea. You were there first, and customers know your business better, so they'll trust you more.
  • Don't be surprised if you have rivalry! It's rare to get a truly great idea for a business that's completely unique, but if you have an amazing advertising campaign, you'll get more customers anyway!

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