How to Do Aegyo (Cute in Korea)

"Omg, that girl's aegyo is so cute!" "Wow, I wish I could do aegyo as well as her!" "Isn't she so adorable?!" Learning how to master aegyo is quite simple. "Aegyo" - or "cute" in Korean - basically means someone who acts in a cute way or with "child-like charm". To become a master at classic Korean aegyo, the following steps will assist you.


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    Raise your voice to a "higher than normal" pitch. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should raise your voice three octaves or sound as if you've just inhaled a tank full of helium - simply raise your voice just enough to make it sound cute.
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    Use your hands. When performing aegyo, including your hands will make you so much more adorable if you use them correctly. Balling your hands into fists at the sides or your cheeks, or poking one cheek with your index finger are some options. Other alternatives include making the "peace" sign and winking through the gap or resting your chin on one fist.
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    Use your eyes to express aegyo. Don't forget to use your eyes whenever possible. Remember to wink, blink excessively (but not too excessively) and to make your eyes appear larger than usual.
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    Speak baby-talk. Exaggerate parts of words and bounce your tones around, almost as a child would talk. For example: "Anyeong Oppa!" can turn into "AnYEONG OpPA" with the letters in capitals being the sounds that are stressed and exaggerated.
    • "Anyeong Oppa" means "hello" and "oppa" is a word girls use to address their older brother or males who are older than them.


  • Don't overdo it. Straining your aegyo will make you seem overly false and simply annoying.
  • Use your aegyo as a way to manipulate people into giving you what you want - but don't be too cruel about getting your own way. For example: Use it on your boyfriend to get him to give you a bar of chocolate, not on your poor sick grandma to give you her last dime.
  • Practice makes perfect! And perfecting your aegyo will make you cuter and cuter!

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