How to Do Abdominal Exercises in Yoga

Three Methods:Warm-UpHigh IntensityCool Down

These exercises home in on your abs, using a number of poses to tighten and strengthen them.

Method 1

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    Do the lotus pose to start things off. This is a simple pose that relaxes the mind and prepares it for a full and extensive workout. The pose helps strengthen and stimulate the muscles around your legs and knees, while focusing yourself for the workout ahead. Stay in lotus for as long as you wish, focusing on becoming aware of your breathing. The breathing rhythm you achieve in this opening position will set the tone for all positions ahead.
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    Do the upward facing dog pose. By doing this pose you'll strengthen a number of body parts in addition to the abs, including the legs, buttocks, and arms. While in the upward facing dog pose, you will elongate the spine and stretch the lower back, helping to restore this section of your spine to its natural curvature. By stretching and strengthening the back early in the workout, your back will be better prepared to handle more difficult exercises that require increased back flexibility.

Method 2
High Intensity

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    Do the full boat pose. This pose might seem challenging at first, but with practice, you'll find it easy enough to do it regularly. Once in full boat, your spine and legs will both be stretched so that you exercise your abs thoroughly. Be aware of your breathing as you settle into this higher intensity position, making sure you inhale quick breaths through your nose. Remember to come out of the position as gently as you came into it, so your abdominals are engaged to their maximum potential.
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    Do the revolved triangle pose. This pose aims to assist digestion as well as relaxation, and achieves that by utilizing a mid-body twist that extends your arms to the ground.
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    Do the revolved half moon pose. Similar to the triangle pose you just did, this pose requires you to face forward with your right foot and keep your left arm towards the ceiling. The pose raises your heart rate by lowering your upper body toward your lower body and engaging the muscles of your lower back. Reaching down to your feet also increases the flexibility of your lower back and your legs.

Method 3
Cool Down

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    Do the four limbed staff pose. The four limbed staff pose engages your back, shoulders, and upper arms in a variation of the standing forward bend. Remember to keep your entire body in as straight a line as possible, allowing this pose to restore your back's natural length. Focus on elongating and stretching the entire core by using your abdominals and chest to hold yourself elevated. Keep breathing through your nose.
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    Do the bow pose. This pose allows you to stretch and elongate every muscle in your body's core. You will push upwards with your chest, forming an arc through your legs. This posture strengthens your abdominals as well as your core, keeping your overall musculature engaged.
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    Do the warrior III pose. Finish your workout off with this pose, which stretches your legs and arms out just as much as your abs. Because this pose requires balance and coordination, keep your fingertips in the prayer position as you lower yourself. Find your center of balance by pushing your fingertips together as hard as possible.


  • Abdominal exercises can be draining, so don't worry about how slowly you're going or how much time you take.
  • The benefits of this exercise are increased strength and flexibility in your abdominal muscles.


  • Potential injuries that may be incurred if this exercise is performed incorrectly are abdominal muscle strains.

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