How to Do a Town and Country Poodle Cut

A "Town and Country" is a very beautiful groom on a standard poodle and is most often confused with the lamb clip on a poodle.


  1. 1
    Give him a bath and dry his fur. To begin, you want the dog's coat to be clean, dried out straight, and fluffed up.
  2. 2
    To begin the clipper work, put a #10 OR #15 on the clipper. Start to shave the face by starting in the middle of the eyes, right at the bridge, and shave down. Then shave the muscle, then the upper lips, then the lower, then under the eye to the corner of the eye to the outer ear in a straight line. Shave down to the Adam's apple and make a V. Then stop and them do the other side. (This would be the time to shave out the neck. It will save you time so you don't have to do it later.)
  3. 3
    Begin shaving the feet by holding the dog's paw in your hand. With a #15 on the clipper, using your fingers to spread the toes apart, shave in between them. Be careful not nick the webbing. Shave around the toenails. Also shave up to where the dog bends its paw then have a line all the way around the paw. Do the pads and shave up to the dew claws and then stop. Then ring the tail.
  4. 4
    Begin to set the pattern by using a #10 or #15 blade depending on what the dog can handle without burning. Start at the neck by shaving it out (if you didn't do when you did the face). At the middle of the shoulder blades make a straight line all the way down the spine to the dock of the tail then stop.
  5. 5
    Come back up to the middle of the back and shave the hair out, but leave hair on the shoulders and on the hips, just rounding it off on the ends and up under under the dog as well. Make sure that the elbows of the dog and the flanks don't show. They are to be rounded in as well as the chest. The chest stays, as on a lamb the chest comes out.
  6. 6
    Began to scissor the coat. A nice length to work with is three to four inches long. Then tack your scissor and round it off.
  7. 7
    To set the cuff (the hair above the shaved paw) comb the hair down and cut it up to where you left the line on the paw so it doesn't hang on the ground, then round it off.
  8. 8
    Now begin to scissor the legs by blending them, working your way up to the elbow and blending the hair in to the shoulder. Then do the other side until done. Then make sure it is all even.


  • Do your prep work first it saves you time: face, feet, belly, tail, and seating the pattern, brushing and combing,
  • Then you just give the dog a fast brush and comb.
  • Then all you have to do is scissor.

Things You'll Need

  • One clipper
  • One brush
  • One comb
  • One or two towels
  • Shampoo
  • A dryer
  • One #10
  • One #15
  • One pair of straight scissors
  • One pair of curved scissors

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