How to Do a Toss Over in Cheerleading

This is an explanation of how to do a "Toss Over" stunt in cheer-leading. This stunt is mostly used in Canadian cheerleading, but is better looking than just pressing a lib. In Canada, the term flyer is rarely used, instead we use the term 'top'. Canadians also call a back spot "a third".


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    Understand your formations. The top jumps in like a normal elevator. Even the slightest error in the formations can leave a bad impression and can even cause accidents so make sure formations are properly executed with proper timings.
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    Coordination is the base of any cheer-leading stunt so have a good coordination among your fellow performers.Understand your weak points and others too to understand each other and make your coordination world class.
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    Base pivot. When the top is at the highest point in his/her over-extension the main base (usually the left base), pivots underneath the stunt. The main base should now be holding the top in 'hands' with a third reaching around on the ankles and a secondary base holding the foot like an elevator still.
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    Perform Pyramid and lift. Now to press lib the skill/lib must be pulled on the tops right leg. The bases all sink and press upwards and bring the tops still standing leg to the middle of the stunt.
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    Support. To cradle from here, it is the same for every one except the main base, the main base just pivots to the side the slightest amount to compensate for the space.


  • Main base, don't move over too far in the cradle or you will miss the top.
  • Top, be sure to pull your lib/variation to the middle of the stunt.
  • Main base, be sure to hold the stunt right over top of you.
  • Base performers should build up core strength to support there team-mates.
  • Make video recordings of your practice sessions to boost your performance by eliminating defects in your performance.
  • Top, keep your lib up high so you don't go toes.
  • Decide groups when doing stunts which have lifting or tossing so that best members can be used to built a strong cheer-leading team.
  • Top, as you go up into 'toss over/hands' pull your legs in to about one foot or less apart.


  • The first few times you try it you should have spotters, especially in the front. It is very common for the top to go toes and go falling to wards the floor.

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