How to Do a Shove it on a Skateboard

Two Parts:Practicing the FootworkPerforming the Shove It

The "shove it" is the lesser known cousin trick to the "pop shove it." The "shove it" does the same motion as the "pop shove it" without the pop, or the air you get from an "ollie." The "shove it" is an old school, freestyle trick that is sure to impress and involves using your feet to rotate the skateboard 180 degrees (while you hop into the air and land on the board again going the same direction). It is also fun and simple because you do not need to know how to "ollie."

Part 1
Practicing the Footwork

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    Hold onto a railing for support at first. One of the best ways to practice a trick before trying it out is to hold onto something for support. You can still go through the motions of a trick without rolling on cement. Practice somewhere like a garage and use a railing to hold onto.
    • You can also practice tricks while sitting down. You just need to make sure that your board has enough space to move.[1]
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    Practice the stance. Place your front foot directly above the front wheels with your toe pointed slightly out. Next, place your back foot on the edge of the board with your toe slightly overhanging the tail, also with your toe pointed slightly out. Last, center your body weight above the board.[2]
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    Practice the motion. The shove it is a simple trick that relies on the friction created from your feet. The idea is that you move each foot in the opposite direction. With enough force from your feet, the skateboard will spin at 180 degrees. If done correctly, the board should rotate and land on an even line. It is best to practice while holding onto something because you jump off your skateboard while the board spins.
    • You control most of the spin, or the "shove," with your back foot. Your back foot has more influence than your front foot.
    • You are definitely at risk of hurting yourself once you land on the board after it spins.[3]
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    Control the spin of the board. Once the board is spinning, it is important to land on the board when after a 180 degree rotation. Pay attention to where your feet land. If you do not balance your feet onto the board after the rotation, you could fall. Watch how the board spins and practice getting the board to land as close to where you started.
    • On the landing, attempt to balance your feet by placing each foot on the opposite end of the board.
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    Attempt the trick while stationary, but without holding on. Use the same location you attempted the trick with railing, but this time don’t hold onto anything.
    • If you fall, you are learning. Falling is a requirement for learning how to skateboard.
    • Practice until you land the trick without holding onto anything for support.
    • Eventually move on to practicing the trick while rolling. This will be the true test of whether you can do the trick. Many skateboarders think that you’ll get better faster the sooner you begin practicing your tricks on the move.

Part 2
Performing the Shove It

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    Start rolling at a comfortable speed. Try to find a patch of concrete that is smooth. The best way to undergo this trick, at first, is at a slow speed. Start with two pushes and then prepare to do the trick.
    • Wear a helmet if you are scared of jumping on and off your skateboard.
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    Position your feet. Place your front foot over the front bolts or even a little farther forward. Have your back foot between the back bolts and the tail. Before a trick, it helps if you crouch down and bend your knees. There isn’t one position you should take for this trick. All skaters perform tricks in their own style.
    • If your footwork is different from the recommended setup, then try it out. You should strive for comfort.[4]
    • Once you get used to it, start to place your front foot closer and closer to the middle of your board.
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    Initiate the shove it. Without stomping the tail, use your back foot to shove the tail to your heel side. Use your front foot to help turn the board. Jump in the air as the board starts spinning. When you see the tail come around (i.e., when the board has spun 180 degrees), extend your legs and land on the board.
    • Try not to land both feet on one side of the board or you will fall.
    • While in the air make a conscious effort to place each foot on different sides of the board.
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    Practice until you perfect it. Skateboarding takes hard work and determination. You probably won’t be able to land the trick after trying 10 or more times. Eventually you will find a way to modify your technique to land the trick. The goal is to land the trick 4 out of 5 attempts. You should expect to fall when practicing a new trick.
    • Use your weight to balance the impact of landing.[5]
    • Wear knee pads, elbow pads, and any other protective equipment you think you may need.


  • You might fall if you land wrong.

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