How to Do a Right Hand Push Gate Open at a Horse Show (in Hand)

A gate is a common obstacle in trail courses, and how you perform the gate-push will have a factor on how you place. Often the pattern or judge will specify a right-hand push, but when neither has a preference, by default you should do the more professional right-hand push.


  1. Image titled Approach the gate
    Approach gate at desired gait, halt.
  2. Image titled Switch side of handler
    Walk around the front of the horse to the off-side (right side), and then grasp the lead with your left hand. Make sure you walk around the horse before you switch hands.
  3. Image titled Unlatch gate
    Raise the right hand and unlatch the gate.
  4. Image titled Relatch gate
    Walk through, pivot the horse towards you, and re-latch the gate.
  5. Image titled Return to correct side of horse
    Halt horse, walk around front of horse to normal (left) side, and then grasp the lead with your right hand. Again, make sure you walk around the horse before switching hands.
  6. Image titled Continue course with horse
    Pivot the horse away from the gate, and continue course. For extra professionalism, take a second to stand still and acknowledge the judge while smiling, and then resume the course!

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