How to Do a Public Speech

If you are reading this, then you are probably wondering, "How on earth am I going to stand in front of all these people and give a speech?" Well, read the article below and watch as you simply can't wait to give the speech.


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    Don't worry about the speech. If it's well-prepared and well rehearsed, you'll do just fine. And don't worry about people hating your speech. If the speech is really good, it's the audience's problem if they hate it.
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    Do whatever relaxes you before you make your speech. It might help to bring an iPod or book to where you're going just for this reason.Then take deep breaths, and think, 'I can do this. Those people out there won't know what's coming.'. Repeat ten times, if necessary.
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    Speak in a relaxed manner. Pretend you're talking to yourself, or focus on a close friend you may want to invite to hear your speech. If you want, pretend everybody you're talking to are bunnies! What's scary about bunnies? But make sure you don't laugh while thinking about bunnies, because this will mess up your whole speech, especially on something serious. If it's really serious, like war or outbreaks of disease, step 5 will help more than this one.
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    Say one sentence, then look out at the audience, and give a friendly smile to all the people. Then read another sentence and so on.
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    Try not to think too much about your speech. If you would like, pretend you're in a game show and if you finish the speech, you'll get a thousand dollars! Don't worry, because soon, it WILL be over. Take a bow and walk offstage.


  • Don't forget to look up at the audience every now and then. Eye contact is very important in public speaking, and give them the feeling that you appreciate that they are there.
  • Make sure you breathe. Take a deep breath every sentence or so, or in logical pauses.

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