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Projects are fun and simple to do. Once you know how to do them, you can do your own free choice later on!


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    Choose a topic, or take a look at the one that you've been assigned, if you have been. Read any information.
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    Research. For instance, if you are project is about Black Holes, Google it or stock up on books from your local library about them. Scribble down any essential facts in your notebook.
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    If you need to, print out any pictures. You will most likely need images of at least one thing that you are researching and a diagram. If you think you need more, try printing out a title, but do not print out copied text. This is, in most schools, against the rules.
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    Write down what you are going to do on your actual project in your notebook.
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    Now, put away your books. You will just need your notebook and anything else you will need, like markers, pens, pencils and paper.
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    Create your title page. Write what you are doing and your name and class below. Stick down one of the pictures, and around it you could draw a frame or write some random facts about the subject down, making it look as creative as possible.
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    Start writing down your facts, trying to compose them into proper sentences. I.e; FACT: In black holes, no light can escape. will become, In black holes, nothing, not even light, can escape. Unless you want to do fact boxes, then the above format is fine.
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    Continue writing down facts in this manner, leaving blank spaces for the photos that you are going to stick down. Don't stick them down yet.
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    You could try writing it in Q/A format. I.e; Q: How much space is inside a black hole? A: Very little!
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    When you've written down enough, stick down your photos in the blank spaces. You could try doing multicolour lines around them to jazz them up. Write captions beneath them, so that the reader knows what it is.
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    At the end, list your resources, if required.


  • Pictures and diagrams bring life into your project.
  • Make it interesting for the reader or the person who you are presenting it to.
  • Make sure to check spelling and grammar.
  • Present your work neatly.
  • Have fun and enjoy presenting your masterpiece!
  • Work early or the next day if you have a midpoint check assigned or if you don't want to do it the night its due.
  • Be confident in what you are doing
  • Check the materials once before you start


  • When you are transferring information to a project, don't keep it identical to the text you find, or else it's plagiarism.

Things You'll Need

If you're doing it on the laptop

  • A notebook
  • Your laptop
  • Books, unless you prefer to use the Internet

If you're doing it on paper

  • A notebook
  • Books
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Photos
  • A printer

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