How to Do a Monthly Computer Clean Up

It is important to take care of your computer just like anything else. A well cared for computer will have great performance for a long time. Some of this includes physical clean up of dust inside of the computer or on the monitor and keyboard, unused programs that are still installed and temporary files left behind from visiting websites.


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    Vacuum it out. Dust can cause many parts of a computer to overheat. To clean out dust from inside the computer you will need a can of compressed air or a small air compressor. Shut the computer down and remove any devices that are plugged in. Remove the side panel from the computer case and begin to blow the dust out.
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    Clean off the monitor. Monitors can collect dust, finger prints and other things aren't very fun to look at. CRT monitors with glass screens can be cleaned with Windex or any other glass cleaner. Spray the cleaner onto a paper towel or soft rag and wipe down the monitor. For a LCD monitor, use a soft cotton cloth lightly dampened with water.
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    To clean your keyboard, pick it up and gently tap it on a flat surface. Tap one end, then the other to dislodge any trash that might have fallen in between the keys. A can of compressed air can also be used to get rid of dust in between the keys.
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    Clean it up using cleanup software. Temporary internet files can add up quick. It is good practice to clear them often. CCleaner is a very good program for this purpose. Install CCleaner and run the program. Click on Cleaner at the top left. Select the check boxes of the items you want to clean up and click Analyze to what you will be deleting. Once it is done and you are ready to clean it up, click run cleaner.


  • If you are dusting out a computer, it is best to do it outside so the dust doesn't go onto something else or even back into the computer.
  • If a computer is in an extremely dusty or dirty environment like a workshop, you may have to clean it out more often than once a month.


  • If you use an air compressor to dust out a computer, make sure it has a moisture or water trap.
  • When using a can of compressed air, always make sure to hold the can upright. Holding it sideways or upside down can cause moisture to spray out.
  • Never spray cleaner directly onto a monitor. It can seep down into the shell of the monitor and damage the electronics.
  • Avoid using paper towels or any rough cloths to clean LCD monitors. It may scratch the screen.

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