How to Do a Makeup Parody

Have you ever seen a makeup parody on YouTube and thought it was really funny and wanted to make your own? Well, if you want to learn how to make a makeup parody that even boys will laugh at, read this article.


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    Start with your foundation. The key to a makeup parody is to be hilarious. So, when you apply your foundation, use something that is five times darker than your normal skin color. Say something like, "First, you want to start with a nice, tan foundation that gives you a really glowing complexion. " Have a hint of sarcasm as you say this. Also, apply the makeup with your fingers. When you do that, say, "Real makeup artists use their fingers." Make sure it looks really streaky. After you applied it, say how beautiful it looks.
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    Next is your blush. When you apply it, just like your foundation, use your fingers. Make sure you really load up on it and look sunburned. If you want to say something funny while applying it, you can say, "This gives you a really nice flush of color. It's just gorgeous. "
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    Now for the fun part. Eye makeup. First you want to pick out some color combinations that look like horrible together. Like blue and black and yellow, red, brown and green, pink, black and gold. Be creative and have fun with it. When you put on eyeshadow, use your fingers and smudge it on. Make sure you do your under eye, brow bone and lid. After you put that on, you can say something about how it really compliments your eye color.
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    Eyeliner. Pick the darkest black you can find. Smudge it all over your lid and under eye. (Go for the "raccoon" look). As you apply it, say how just a little black eyeliner can compliment anyone's eye shape and define the eye. (Remember to say how beautiful it looks)
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    Mascara. Take a black mascara, and really cake it on your bottom lashes. You can say it doesn't matter if it doesn't go on your lashes. (Be sarcastic). For your top lashes, apply it really heavily and make sure you "accidentally" get some mascara on your skin.
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    Eyebrows. These are simple. Just take the same eyeliner you used on your eyes and draw some fake eyebrows on your forehead.
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    Lips. Take the reddest lipstick you own and out it ALL OVER. Go outside your lips almost to your nose and say how sexy big lips look. Then, take a clear lipgloss and put on your normal lips and where you drew lips. You can say the lipgloss adds a little, "Sheer chic shine".
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    Glitter. This is optional. Just take some craft glitter and put it all over your face. This would be funny if you filmed the video around a holiday like New Years or Christmas.


  • have fun!
  • Be really SARCASTIC.
  • Try to act as if you put this kind of makeup on everyday.
  • if you're wondering how to wash it all off, Vaseline WORKS WONDERS for taking off makeup. Plus, Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow thicker and longer and keeps them moisturized.
  • be careful when putting on all that eye makeup! If some gets in your eye, rinse it out with warm water.
  • If you're making this for YouTube, add in the descriptions it's a parody. Sometimes people think its real and leave mean comments.
  • If you use glitter on your face around a holiday (eg: New Years) you can say it's a really festive look.


  • Don't get makeup in your eye. If your do, rinse with warm water.

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