How to Do a Keg Stand

This article will tell you how to do one of those classic party tricks. It's fairly easy to do, but looks complex. Try it out.


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    Tap the keg and have some beers. You'll feel better about the task at hand and it tests how well you tapped the keg before you put your face near it.
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    Round up your 3 helpful friends. On subsequent attempts all 3 may not be needed, but if you're all just learning, this will work best.
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    Pump/prime the keg so it's ready to go.
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    Agree on a 'stop/get-me-down"' signal for you (the drinker) to use. You won't be able to talk or use your arms so a signal such as "3 short grunts" or "bending both knees" is preferable.
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    Pick the 2 strongest of your 3 friends. They will be the 'lifters'. The lifters' job is to 1)help you into the proper keg stand position 2)help you stay there 3)help you get down fairly gracefully when you're done.
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    The 3rd friend will operate whatever kind of valve releases the beer from the keg at the end of the hose on the tap. All taps are different, so it depends on your tap, but you get the idea.
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    Stand with the keg (which in the best case scenario will be lifted off the ground slightly, like on a stool or in a trash can full of ice) in front of you. Have the lifters stand to the left and right of the drinker, facing each other. The valve operator should stand wherever is easiest, most likely opposite the drinker.
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    Grasp the handles of the keg and bend at the waist. Do not grab the handles of the trash can (see Warnings). Each lifter should grab one of your legs, somewhere around the knee. The valve-person should insert the valve/spout of the tap into the your mouth, but don't start yet. (This may seem like a lousy job, but it's really important).
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    On the count of 3, all these things happen: Push using arm and body strength, gently flinging legs sky-ward into the classic 'hand-stand' position. Don't worry, this is easier than it sounds because you have help. The lifters should help you get into said 'hand-stand' position by lifting the legs in an arc and guiding you up. Once there, hold steady. Once you are up, the valve operator will release the valve and hence the beer into your mouth.
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    Once you are up, one of the lifters should be counting (i.e. one-Mississippi). The higher the count the better! This final count can be used to ascertain which of your friends was up the longest. If you have the highest count you can use this to brag at the party or later.
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    Consume as much beer as possible in said position, then give the agreed upon stop/get-signal. When the stop signal is given the lifter should stop counting. The lifters should then help you back into the standing position and the valve-operator should stop the flow of beer.
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    Celebrate! You did it! Switch-up and lift for your friend!


  • Breathe through your nose! (Yeah it's obvious, but there is alcohol involved so...).
  • The more you weigh, the more lifters you need. If in doubt, just use more lifters. A 3rd lifter can either stand near your waist or grab both feet. With 4 lifters, just put 2 to a side. Falling down from this position is a major party foul and hurts so be careful.
  • Competing to see how long you can hold a keg stand is an age-old party game, but if it's your first time, just try to get the concept, then kick their butts on round 2.
  • Given that you are holding the handles of the keg, they may be wet or just hard to hold on to. Consider putting a dishrag or something over them for padding.


  • DO NOT HOLD ON TO THE TRASH CAN!!! This can lead to tragic consequences. If one holds on to the trash can (which is generally made of plastic) it can break. If the trash can breaks while you are up this can lead to tragedies such as you falling and busting your face open on the keg (I have seen this happen). At the least, you fall to the ground in a rather UNCOOL way and then have a broken trash can which was the container for the keg and the ice that was keeping it cold. So, instead of risking these dangers simply hold on to the keg with is made of very solid metal.
  • Never drink and drive!
  • Most doctors and government higher-ups say that binge drinking is bad. This probably qualifies as binge drinking.
  • Be aware of the legal drinking age in your country.

Things You'll Need

  • Keg
  • Tap
  • 3 Helpful and Trustworthy Friends.

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