How to Do a Fast, Deep Clean for Your Bedroom

You walk into your bedroom and you see junk, junk, junk! You want to get organized and you want a totally clean bedroom but you're also busy too!


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    Divide your room into zones. There should be a sleep zone (a bed), a clothes zone (a closet or dresser), a get ready zone (a mirror and makeup, jewelry, etc.), a relaxation zone (music player, games, magazines), and a work zone (a desk or work table).
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    Work on one zone at a time, deep cleaning each one. Here is how to do each zone:
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    Sleep Zone: This zone is easy to clean and organize. Make your bed every morning after you wake up, but replace the sheets later in the day.
    • Don't forget that you can put storage containers under your bed.
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    Clothes Zone: This isn't as easy as the sleep zone. If you have a closet or dresser, take out everything. Make 3 piles: sell, gift, and keep. This technique can be used in other parts of your room too.
    • In the sell pile, put stuff that you imagine none of your friends would like, and put it in a garbage bag and into your garage, so later you can have a garage sale.
    • In the gift pile, you can use these items you think that one of your friends or family members would enjoy. When her/his birthday or graduation or any other kind of event comes up, you will already have a gift.
    • For the keep pile, you know what to do with this one. Put all of it back in an organized way. For your dresser, fold clothes neatly in piles and put them away. For a closet, hang up all of your clothing items, and don't forget to find a place for your shoes.
    • If you want, combine the "sell" and "gift" piles and give the result to charity. It simplifies sorting, and means you don't have to hang onto excess stuff until you get around to having a garage sale.
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    Get Ready Zone:
    • If you have a bathroom in your room, then that would be your get ready zone. Just take out all of the stuff and make a throw away pile, and a keep pile. Organize your medicine cabinet and drawers, and keep like items together, so you can always find them! Keep items that you use a lot on top, maybe some deodorant and toothpaste.
    • If you don't have a bathroom in your room, this could be the top of your dresser or a desk or something where you keep your perfume, jewelry, deodorant, etc. Just clean out everything, throw away stuff you don't use, and make sure everything is kept neat.
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    Relaxation Zone: Decide what relaxation means for you. Do you want a reading nook in your room? Do you want someplace where you can hang out and relax with friends? Your relaxation zone might include a comfy chair, music player, TV, or even games, or it might be a table or stand by your bed. Organize it so that everything has its own place. Maybe a chair in a corner, next to a set of drawers containing CD's, magazines, books, and even games, and maybe a music player on top.
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    Work Zone: If you're a preteen or teenager, you will probably have a work area so that you can do homework. On the desktop itself, you should have a cup for pens and pencils, a computer (optional), and maybe a picture frame or plant. In the drawers, keep supplies in one or two drawers, and in the others keep papers and such. Keep distracting items to a minimum.
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    When you think you're done, do one last check. Do you have the right zones? Do any zones collide? Is everything organized? Is there any clutter? Do you have any trash? Remove and deal with any remaining clutter.


  • Keep a box in your room to put anything in it that doesn't belong in your room. That way, you're not constantly leaving your room. When it's full then you can take the box and put everything that's in it away.
  • Hide any ipods, computers, cell phones, etc. (unless you are using them to play music) so you are not distracted and can focus on your work.
  • Clean the surfaces as you proceed through your room. As you clear your desk, wipe the dust and crumbs off it. Vacuum the carpet. Wipe out the insides of drawers.
  • Remember: There should be a spot for everything, if there isn't, you really need to clean out some of your junk. If you haven't used something in a year, throw it out. Or if you have something that isn't useful, doesn't have memories, or is just ugly in general, throw that out too!
  • Play some music while you clean. It will really help you keep your energy up.
  • Overwhelmed? Don't do it all at once. Plan your attack, then do one zone, or even less, each day until it's done.
  • If you have children or younger siblings, you can give them clothes that don't fit you anymore to them.

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