How to Do a DPA Presentation for 4H

4-H is a fun club offered at most schools. An activity you might be required to do is a presentation. It is very easy to do and can be fun. This article will show you how to make one properly.


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    If you are reading this article you are at the DPA level of demonstrations. This means you have gotten a place in CPA. This article is designed for DPA but can also work for CPA.
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    Bring out your board from CPA. Look at it. What did the judges count off for last time. Work on this. Fix typos spelling errors and grammatical errors.
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    If possible add more to your board. Use more eye-catching colors, bolder prints and eye-grabbers. This may be sparkling paper or interesting facts. If you are doing a project on dogs then put your information on your board on bone shaped paper. Cute titles are always a plus. Also a nice bold print is good. Judges can read your board and find out more about your topic. But whatever you do don't use yellow ink. It will definitely cost you points.
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    Once you are done with your board work on your floor display. This is key. The floor display will make your board stand out from the rest. It can be stuffed animals, a fish tank or a diorama of a battle scene. Whatever it is make sure it's clean, neat, and legal. You are not allowed to use live animals or plants in your display. Lastly don't use baked goods and pass them out during your demonstration. For one you aren't allowed to and it isn't safe. It's fine for classroom demonstrations but not DPA.
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    Another important thing is your speech. You are required to do one with your project. If done wrong you will get major points deducted. Make sure the speech has no errors and is typed. You will want to know it very well so read it thoroughly and if you can try to memorize it. It should flow well and all sentences should agree. Also the statements should be true. You would look awful stupid saying the sky is green.
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    The last step is to dress nicely. Hair should be combed and groomed and clothes should be free of stains. If you wanted your project to really stand out you could dress according to your project. You could wear a dog costume or police officer outfit to add a unique twist to your project!

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