How to Dive and Pass a Volleyball

Diving and passing is crucial in keeping a volleyball rally going. By performing a proper dive and pass, you can effectively help save the ball from touching the ground and set up for an attack.


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    Know which leg is your dominant one. Your dominant leg, or strong leg, is the leg you are most comfortable using when kicking a ball.
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    Position yourself. Begin in an athletic pose (feet shoulder width apart), step forward with your dominant leg, slightly lean forward, ,shift your weight to the front of your feet, and begin to reach your forearms out.
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    Pass and dive. Once in the proper position, push off with both legs (mainly the dominant leg), lightly clasp your hands together, and extend your arms outwards.
    • When performing your dive, try not to go higher than 1 foot (12 inches) after you take off. The ball should line up with the middle of your chest once it hits your forearms.
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    Strike. The ball should impact your forearms, not your hands. Swing your arms up to pop the ball as high as possible toward your teammate [most likely the setter]. Failure to pop the ball up will cause the ball to head straight into the net or to your opponent.
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    Land. After you hit the ball with your forearms, put your hands out to your sides in order to catch yourself. Keep your head up so you don't smack your chin on the ground. Take as much of the blow to your chest as possible.
    • In order to brake (stop sliding), stick your hands in front of you. Immediately stand yourself up and look for the ball.


  • Diving is only necessary when attempting to retrieve a volleyball that is out of reach* Practice on gym floor or on hardwood flooring (with plenty of space)* Knee pads prevent your knees from banging on the hard floor and from burning from the floor* Dive horizontally. You want to be close the ground when diving.


  • Diving takes practice to perfect. It is important to go over the steps carefully before performing a dive.

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