How to Diss Someone

Two Methods:Learning Good One-LinersPicking Your Time

If you're being consistently dissed by someone and want to come back quickly, a little planning can go a long way. Figure out their weak spots, stay cool, and come back confidently to make sure you'll never be dissed again. Keep reading to get started.

Method 1
Learning Good One-Liners

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    Insult their looks.
    • "You look like the before picture."
    • "Did you trade in your neck for another chin?"
    • "Was anyone else hurt in the accident that did this to you?"
    • "I've seen someone that looked just like you before, but I had to pay admission."
    • "Maybe if you eat your makeup, you could be pretty on the inside."
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    Insult their intelligence.
    • "We already think you're an idiot. You can stop trying to prove it."
    • "It's kind of sad watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary in one sentence."
    • "It must be such a long and lonely journey when a thought crosses your mind."
    • "Surprise me. Say something smart."
    • "I've heard my dog fart smarter things."
    • "When I stand close to you, I can hear the ocean."
    • "You're thick as dog crap and only half as useful."
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    Insult their wealth.
    • "You're so poor the food stamps bounce."
    • "Do you hang all that toilet paper out of your house to dry it before you use it again?"
    • "Last time you smelled a hot meal was when I farted."
    • "You drop those clothes back off at the morgue when you're done with them?"
    • "You're so poor you can't afford to pay attention."

Method 2
Picking Your Time

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    Figure out the person's weak spot. What is the person you intend to diss especially proud of? What are they especially embarrassed about? Figuring out these weak points is a good way to plan out disses in advance that you can use in your favor. Pick on their points of pride.
    • If the person teasing you is always dressed really well, or seems to be proud of their Nike sneakers, remember what kinds of clothes they usually wear and prepare insults related to their clothing.
    • If the person is a very good student or a very bad student, insulting their grades or their smarts can be a good way to get to them.
    • Sports are often important in school. If you're being dissed by an athlete, consider calling them out on their granny-like basketball dribble or their missed shots.
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    Play it cool and laugh. Disses are supposed to make you mad, so practice your poker face. When you get insulted, you should act as if it doesn't hurt your feelings at all, no matter what they say. Chuckle and let the diss roll off. If you see your tormentor coming up to you, think about something else and plan out what you'll say in advance to avoid listening to them.
    • Focus on a funny feature, like the person's nose or their ear to distract yourself while they're talking. If they've got a pimple, stare at it hard. It might even make you laugh.
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    Wait for the right opportunity. Getting into a diss-trading duel with a good "disser" is probably a bad idea. If you play it cool when you get insulted initially, the ball is in your court and you can wait for the opportune moment to let loose with your well-planned insult.
    • If you're going with the clothes tactic, wait until they're wearing some stylish new duds and tell them that you like their new shirt, before saying: "The guy who picks up garbage outside my house wears the same thing."
    • Wait until gym class to insult their athletic skills. If they trip or fall down, start pointing and laughing and get your friends to join in.
    • If you're going to insult their smarts, wait until they have to read out loud in class. If you're next, imitate their reading style before switching over to your normal voice and say, "Oh, I forgot. I'm not an idiot." If they get a question wrong in math, mutter something like "Einstein speaks" that only they can hear. Doing this in front of others will make sure they're embarrassed.
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    Act like your insult isn't an insult. Confusing someone by making them think you're being sincere and letting them in on information will let you get past their defenses.
    • Take the person aside after class really seriously and say something really sincerely like "I didn't want to say this in front of everyone, but your pants smell like a grease trap. I almost puked all through that period. Maybe you should call your mom and ask for new ones." Make it as specific as possible. Act like you're doing them a favor.
    • Tell them you overheard the coach talking about how your football throw reminds him of a fourth grader and ask sincerely if practice is going okay.
    • Tell them you'll help them with math homework for fifty bucks an hour, if their parents can afford to pay you.
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    Consider the silent treatment. Sometimes, the most effective diss can be to say nothing at all. Freezing someone out of social situations can be effective if you've already got lots of friends. Pretend you're talking about the person until they come up to you and then completely ignore everything they say. Don't look at or speak to the person.


  • Don't do it around people who you know that person is close to, they will surely try to stand up for them.
  • Come up with things they know they can't talk back to.
  • If they say something funny just ignore them and act as if you didn't hear anything.
  • Try to leave them out of your group of friends. That is surely to make the person look uncool and unpopular.
  • If you know their stronger than you get someone in a higher grade to diss them back.
  • Do not raise your voice. It only shows whomever is getting to you.
  • Though you may want to ignore disses at times, you should consult an adult if its really bothering you and you really low.


  • Don't start anything off yourself. Don't go around insulting people for no reason. That makes you a bully.

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