How to Dispute the War on Drugs

The War on Drugs. For decades now, the U.S. and many other countries have enforced a second Prohibition on the availability of drugs, but as the taxes for supporting incarcerated users go up and the rights of Americans are marginalized, it is becoming increasingly apparent that regulation of substances is far preferable to their outright prohibition. Follow these steps to intelligently oppose the War on Drugs... or if you support it, read on to find out why the War is bleeding America.


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    Understand the Black Market. The most harmful element of the War is that it forces substances out of the normal economy. This raises the prices of illicit goods due to lack of availability, making them both very profitable and draining on the salaries of addicts. This profitability SUPPORTS the drug trade, and is responsible for reports of muggings for drug money: if the drugs were cheaper, addicts could afford them instead of committing MORE CRIMES.
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    Understand that prohibiting drugs makes them FAR MORE DANGEROUS. As an example, heroin is lethal on its own, but since it cannot be supervised by medical professionals, it also has helped to spread the AIDS epidemic due to dirty needles. In countries such as Amsterdam, where heroin is available, these needles are regulated in such a way that they are far safer to use, and the percentage of overdose occurring is far smaller. Users who buy drugs off the black market CANNOT LEGALLY KNOW THE QUALITY OR DOSAGE THAT THEY ARE RECEIVING.
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    Understand the propaganda with which the drug war fights. Many violent incidents related to marijuana and displayed on television were actually incidents coupled with alcohol. Lung damage associated with marijuana assumes that the user smokes it instead of, say, baking it into cookies. DMT is deemed dangerous because of its reality distortions when in reality a DMT user is not mobile during the experience, and thus unable to cause physical distress to others and their property. (And so much more. See last step)
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    Understand that the scheduling system of drugs can be seriously flawed. For instance, DMT is a schedule I drug (along with heroin and other extremely dangerous substances.) This scheduling implies that it has no medical purpose, is highly addictive, very abusive, and, furthermore, dangerous. The truth is that DMT has not been shown to be addictive, has a "trip" which only lasts up to an hour on a reasonable dose, and has caused no documented death. Compare this to alcohol, which no sane doctor would prescribe as medicine, can cause physiological addiction which can kill, is abused by 10% of its users, and is present in far more deaths than any other illegal drug.
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    Understand that, even with the above, legal alcohol is better than the first Prohibition. While liver problems and alcohol consumption dropped during the prohibition, murder rates SKYROCKETED. It was the birth of the gangster culture. As soon as the prohibition ended, murder rates fell, and the health problems from improperly created alcohol (such as blindness and death from bathtub gin) were all but eliminated.
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    Understand that drugs SHOULD be regulated. Even though they should not be prohibited, drugs still do pose a risk to citizen's safety. The idea of regulation (which is impossible under prohibition) is to make laws regarding the age group that can safely use substances, and where they can be used without affecting others, while ensuring that the dosage of substances is not more harmful than necessary and that the substance is not laced or contaminated with something fatal.
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    Understand that the War on Drugs severely handicaps scientific research. Many modern medicines are derived from substances thought originally to be purely harmful. Even today, various venoms are being tested for use in a cure for cancer. The regulations placed upon drugs stunt research into unique substances (what else is like LSD?) which may provide vast insights to medicine and the function of the human body (both cannabinoids and DMT are secreted naturally in humans).
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    DO YOUR RESEARCH. This guide cannot possibly explain to you the intricacies of black market economics and human tendency to abuse drugs which are unregulated, nor can it provide you with your own voice in the war against the Prohibition. To make a difference, you must KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.


  • Become educated about the laws, and also how to exercise your rights.
  • If you don't know the answer to a question, or cannot refute a point, ADMIT THAT AND MOVE ON. It is against both your argument and the cause as a whole to make "facts" up, or appear an uneducated and stubborn. Leave that to the opposition.
  • If you want to make a small difference, spread this page wherever you can, so that it educates as many people as possible and receives any improvements necessary!
  • Don't become angry with the closed-minded. If you need to, repeat yourself, but don't feed into the delinquent stereotype that the war's propaganda has created.


  • Do not illegally use drugs. This guide does not condone the breach of law in any country, state, or province, but merely provides a means of making your voice heard for legislative change.
  • Do not let fear of ridicule prevent you from carrying out that which is right and expressing your voice as a citizen in a free world.
  • Be aware that this subject (and especially this viewpoint) is controversial and quite against the grain of society. If you express these views, you risk ridicule and suspicion in a society entrenched in propaganda. But...

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