How to Display Vintage Baubles

If you've inherited or purchased some vintage baubles, it's probable that you're not so keen about hanging them on the Christmas tree, in case they take a fall and break. A solution to this dilemma is to find alternative ways to feature them without such risks. A few simple solutions are suggested here, and you can probably think of a few more after learning about these ideas.


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    Display the baubles in a clear, wide vase. Place a bed of scrunched up tissue paper, shredded paper pieces or other soft item at the base of the vase. Gently lower the baubles into the vase. Continue until you are satisfied with the amount of baubles on display. Place the vase somewhere safe where it won't be knocked over.
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    Find a favorite plate and some cupcake cases. Choose cupcake cases in differing sizes if the baubles are of various sizes too. Arrange the cupcake cases on the plate in a pleasing way, then add each bauble to a cupcake case. Keep this simple––a nice approach is to have larger baubles to the back, medium ones in the middle, and smaller ones in front but the end display will be determined by where you place the plate and your own designer's eye. Display somewhere out of harm's way.
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    Use Christmas toys, dolls or other decorative items to make a display with the baubles. Arrange a favorite old toy or decoration in a bowl on a stand or on a stand. Place the vintage baubles around the toy or other item. If using a toy or doll, consider having the inanimate item "hold" the baubles between its legs or in a basket. Place these items on display where they won't be knocked.
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    Use Mason jars. Find varying sizes of Mason jars and place something soft at the base of each jar, such as a round of felt in Christmas colors. Gently lower in the vintage baubles in a pattern you find pleasing. Screw the lids back on top and place the jars on display where they won't be knocked over.
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    Use a flower pot container or an urn. Fill with scrunched paper to almost the top, then add a pretty layer of something like felt or a fabric skirt. Arrange the vintage baubles so that they're peeking over the top of the container.
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    Create a barrier around a plate to prevent the baubles from rolling off. Another plate approach to displaying vintage baubles is to arrange something around the rim of the plate to prevent the baubles from rolling and to give the display a little something extra to look at. For example, choose Christmas figurines, little Santas or reindeer, or perhaps miniature pine cones. Arrange the baubles directly on the plate. Place where the display won't be touched or bumped.
    • Tinsel can also be used on the inner rim of the display, and the baubles tucked into the tinsel loops.


  • If you still would rather hang the baubles, consider a compromise option. Tie a very sturdy item, such as organza ribbon or twine, through each hanger of the bauble. Then, attach these to a rod, such as a broomstick or a curtain rod. Hang the entire display over a window or another safe part of the room where it can't be reached or bumped. People can still view the baubles but they won't be able to harm them. Just be sure that all the hangers are securely attached the baubles before doing this.
  • Always return delicate baubles to their padded boxes after use. Leaving them around can risk breakage.


  • All baubles, old or new, should be kept out of the reach of children under 3 and pets. They break easily and the small parts may present a choking hazard.

Things You'll Need

  • Vintage baubles
  • Suitable containers
  • Padding, such as paper, tinsel or felt
  • Safe places to display

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