How to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

Three Methods:Restyling Hair to Disguise a Bad Hair DayUsing Accessories to Disguise a Bad Hair DayAvoiding Future Bad Hair Days

Everyone knows that bad hair days are a part of life. We've all woken up with knotty, kinky, or frizzy hair that refused to be tamed. So how can you disguise a bad hair day when you have limited time to get ready for the day? Learn how to quickly treat morning hair problems and the styles that work best for troublesome hair, in addition to preventing future bad hair days. Just remember that we've all been there and don't let it ruin your day!

Method 1
Restyling Hair to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

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    Dampen your hair with water if you have enough time. This will allow you to add moisture back into dry frizzy hair. You can then blow dry and style your hair.
    • This works especially well for working kinks out that may have developed overnight.[1] Just wet the kink and blow dry the spot while using a round brush to quickly pull down on your hair.
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    Run a drop of styling cream through your hair, if you have wavy or curly hair that is falling flat.[2] Then, twist sections or curls between your fingers in order to shape them.[3] The moisture should rejuvenate your look with minimal effort. Let your hair air dry.
    • It's generally good practice to allow wavy or curly hair to dry naturally, since blow drying it can quickly create frizz or triangle hair. If you do choose to blow dry your hair, use a diffuser and your fingers to hold curls and waves in place.
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    Change your part to instantly create volume. This works for any type of hair texture, though you may have to dampen hair along the part to make the volume uniform.
    • You can also blow dry damp hair with your head upside down to restore volume that you might have lost overnight.[4] Make sure that you don't completely dry your hair as it could cause frizz.[5]
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    Detangle your hair. You can either gently brush your hair, starting at the ends and working your way to the scalp. Never pull to get knots or kinks out.
    • If your hair is frizzy, rub in a drop of leave-in conditioner and brush using an all-natural bristle brush, which will also reduce static. [6] If you're really running short on time, you can gently rub a dryer sheet over your flyaways. The wax coating on the sheets will smooth back hairs.
    • Avoid brushing your hair too much when it's dry. This can create flyaways. Better yet, just wet your hair and run your fingers through it to detangle it.[7] Allow your hair to air dry.
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    Sprinkle dry shampoo powder into your hair and brush out in order to hide greasy hair.[8] Only use a little of the powder and make sure to completely brush it into your hair or else it will be visible. After styling your hair, seal the look with hairspray since the alcohol in it will help soak up any remaining grease.[9]
    • If you find that you constantly have greasy hair, you might consider avoiding conditioner on your scalp and using really hot water to wash your hair. These things can cause your scalp to increase oil production. Also, try not to wash your hair every day as this can strip nutrients from your hair and lead to an oil imbalance.[10]
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    Quickly style your hair. Some good styles that work well with frizzy hair include sleek ponytails or pigtails. Braids are good choices for greasy hair, since the texture of the braids can hide the oil.[11]
    • Keeping a messy look can also hide somewhat kinky or wavy hair. Consider pulling hair up into a loose top bun or a low twist.[12]
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    Don't forget to treat your bangs. If your bangs are curling, wet your fingertips to flatten them down or you can push them to the side and secure them with a clip.[13] You can also dampen the root of your bangs and then quickly blow dry in the direction you want the bangs to hang.[14]
    • If you have the time, shampoo and dry just your bangs. They're often the first thing people will notice and can distract from most morning hair problems.

Method 2
Using Accessories to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

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    Wear an accessory if your hair is still unmanageable. While you should still try to restyle your hair, headbands, clips, bandanas, and scarves can all help hide the bad hair day.
    • Headbands are a simple solution to slicking back unruly hair. For a fast style, use two thin headbands after putting your hair into a messy updo.[15] Headbands can also support a ponytail that still has flyaways.
    • You can wear a bandana, but twist it into a knot at the top of your head for an updated look.[16] Or you can still with the traditional folded bandana style, which would cover more hair on top of your head. This works well for more informal situations.
    • Clips can be helpful in pinning back hair, but avoid using too many which can make your hair look sloppy. Choose clips in shades that will blend in with your hair color.
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    Pick accessories that can distract from bad hair. Fashionable sunglasses, embellished bobby pins, berets, and fedoras are just a few examples of quick ways to cover up a bad hair day.
    • Choose sunglasses that instantly attract attention, such as tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses or large aviators. You can wear them or push them back onto the top of your head to hold back your hair.
    • Embellished bobby pins can be used strategically to create cute designs in your hair, such as stars or triangles. You can also coordinate them with your jewelry for a put-together look.
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    Wear a hat so long as it works with your style and schedule. Don't plan on wearing a large sunhat if you're going to be sitting in class all day. Likewise, a wool beret isn't a good choice for a hot summer day.
    • Some good examples of hats you can wear almost anytime include fedoras, baseball hats, and beanies. Choose a hat that comfortably fits your style or else you could end up with a bad hat day instead!
    • Keep your schedule in mind if you decide to hide bad hair with a hat. A hat can disguise bad hair only while you're wearing it, so you should be prepared if you have to take off your hat during the day. Depending on the style, a hat could mold your hair in an unflattering shape.
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    Focus on balancing your makeup. If you're having a bad hair day, make sure your makeup looks fantastic. This can improve your mood and confidence, regardless of how your hair looks.
    • Makeup is a good way to compliment your accessories. For example, if you're wearing soft girlish bows or sweet headbands you may want to wear darker edgier makeup. This will balance your look and prevent you from looking too juvenile.
    • Likewise, if your hair is tied back into a sleek ponytail or pinned into a tight bun, you should use makeup to soften your look.

Method 3
Avoiding Future Bad Hair Days

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    Choose a haircut that matches your styling and maintenance preferences.[17] For example, if you don't like to spend a lot of time styling your hair, don't get a cut that requires detailed curling or blow drying.
    • Do your research about what styles work for your hair type and face. While it's not impossible to have a good hair day with opposing hair types and styles, it does mean more work for you.
    • Choose a style that you're willing to maintain and keep your hair at a manageable length. You might start having bad hair days when your preferred style grows out for too long.
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    Get a good haircut to avoid troublesome morning hair. A great haircut that suits your face will grow out well and should make maintenance easier. [18] Make sure you trust your hair stylist, especially if you're dramatically changing your look.
    • If you're frequently having bad hair days, you might be overdue for a haircut. This is especially true if you notice split ends or limp hair that tangles easily.[19]
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    Get regular trims. Maintaining your haircut every six to eight weeks will keep your hair healthy and tamable.[20] This can prevent split ends that can contribute to frizzy hair.
    • Seeing your stylist frequently is an added bonus. Not only will your hair get the treatment it needs, but you'll also build a rapport with your stylist. This can help when it comes to getting a last-minute appointment or dramatically changing your hairstyle.
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    Use the right products for your hair. Your stylist should be able to recommend products for your hair type and style. Avoid using too much product, as it can build up and make styling difficult.
    • Nourish your hair by waiting a day or two in between shampoos, using conditioners effectively, and avoiding damaging practices, such as daily flat-ironing or prolonged blow drying.

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