How to Disgorge a Fish

Have you ever caught a good fish, then felt sorry for it, as you can't remove the fishing hook inside its mouth? This article will tell you how.


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    If the fish is small, hold the fish firmly around the dorsal and pectoral fins (Be careful if the fish has perch-like fins).
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    Gently tighten your line.
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    Slide the disgorger down the line, until the eye or spade of the hook is inserted into the end of the the disgorger. Hold the line tight and move the fish closer to you to help loosen the hook.
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    If the hook is just stuck into the roof of the fishes mouth, then push down until it releases.
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    If the hook is very far down (caused by late striking or the fish swallowing the hook) wriggle and tug until it comes loose.
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    If all else fails and there is no resort, cut or snap your line as far to the hook as possible. This is the kindest thing you can do the help the fish survive.


  • Strike as soon as you are sure a fish is on your hook.
  • Always have a disgorger handy.
  • Let the fish stay in the water for as long as possible between attempts to remove the hook.
  • Barb-less hooks are much easier to disgorge, keep this in mind.


  • Do not place the fish back in the water violently; do it gently.
  • Do not yank out the the hook.
  • Do not keep the fish out of the water too long.
  • Do not attempt to kill the fish.

Things You'll Need

  • Disgorger
  • Barbless Hook
  • Scissors Or Forceps.

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