How to Discover Your Elvish Name

Find out your Elvish name from Tolkien's books, and use it well!


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    Go to chris we the rell (Or you could go onto
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    Check that you're typing in names for the correct gender
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    Type in your first and last names, but:
    • If you want to find your middle names too, type in one first name at a time, for example, someone named Laura Jane Elizabeth Helen Carson should try "Laura Carson", then "Jane Carson", then "Elizabeth Carson", then "Helen Carson" If you do them all at once it won't work.
    • If you're doing this for multiple people, surnames will always be the same, male or female.
    • Names for one gender that start and end with the same letters as each other will be the same. For example, Anna and Arabella, or Nigel and Neil.
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    Visit the Arwen Undomiel site! If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, you probably might have stumbled upon this site ( This L.O.T.R. mecca provides a great list of Elvish name translations and it also gives introductions to the Elvish language!
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    Think of Legend of Zelda! If you are a gamer, you must have played Legend of Zelda or any Zelda game sometime in your life or might be familiar with it! This game is filled with tons of fantasy names, especially Elvish ones! Visit this Zelda wikia article:
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    Use name generators! Although there might not be a lot of good name generators out there in the web, visit this Serendipity website:


  • If you're learning Quenya or Sindarin, this really helps to give an impression of general Elvishness. You have a credible name that came from a real place
  • You can also find out your Hobbit name at
  • For best results, use your real name (no nicknames)
  • Before you press 'submit', check you don't have names in both gender boxes, and that you include both a first name and a surname of some sort. Otherwise it won't work and you'll have to do it again.
  • Find out your friends' and family's names when you find out yours, because when you tell them they're likely to ask you what theirs is. Be prepared for this!


  • If the website has too much traffic, it'll be slow. Don't get too annoyed and start hitting things. Maybe try again tomorrow.
  • There are incredibly sad people out there who will think you are uncool for being an Elf. Don't get embarrassed about your Elvish name, otherwise they're more likely to tease you about it.
  • If your Elvish name is very common like mine, check that nobody else has the same name as you before posting on LOTR fanfiction sites, for example. They could get annoyed if people start to think your fics are theirs
  • If you do want to show your Elfdom off to the world, be very careful at the area surrounding Elven Knives. You may love them, but the Police are not huge fans.
  • Don't get addicted to the website TOO badly... I have been known to spend five and a half hours in one week on there. It's not healthy, and... it probably borders on the uncool.
  • Also, don't get so used to your Elvish name that you use it in official circumstances, like I always almost do. Same with in school or work; your boss or teachers probably don't know who that is!
  • It may be weird if people in your family have the same Elvish name as you, as is common because of surnames. If you're likely to be weirded out, don't use it!

Things You'll Need

  • An Internet-enabled computer
  • Lots of time (you will be addicted)
  • An obsession with Lord of the Rings

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