How to Disconnect the Positive Starter Cable on a Ford

There are many reasons why you may need to disconnect the positive starter cable on a Ford vehicle. The most common reason is that the cable has become damaged and needs to be replaced. Another common reason is that the starter solenoid becomes stuck closed and the starter continues to turn over, even after the vehicle has started.


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    Disconnect the positive battery cable at the battery. This should be done before you do work on the electrical system of any vehicle in order to keep from accidentally damaging and shorting out the system. To do this, open the hood of the vehicle and locate the positive (+) cable. Remove the clamp from the battery post using a 1/2-inch open or closed wrench. Some European vehicles require you use a #10 or #12 wrench.
    • Trace the positive cable from the battery to the starter. Some older model Fords have the starter solenoid located near the top of the fender liner. The starter cable on the post leads from the solenoid. Disconnect it by taking a ratchet and 1/2-inch socket and removing the nut while holding it in place. Pull off the cable from post and this will disconnect the battery cable from the starter solenoid.
    • The solenoid may be mounted on the starter in newer vehicles. You need to disconnect the positive cable from the starter if this is the case for your vehicle.
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    Trace the positive battery cable from the battery to the positive post on the starter. The starter will be mounted to the front of the transmission at the back of the engine with the positive battery post on the starter facing outward.
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    Get under the car to get access to the battery cable at the starter, depending on the Ford vehicle you own.
    • Some vehicles, such as a front-wheel-drive Ford, offer access to the starter battery cable from the top.
    • There are access ports to get to the cable through the wheel well and the battery cable can be disconnected without jacking up or raising the vehicle on other Fords.
    • Use either a 1/2-inch open wrench or socket with ratchet and extension to loosen and remove the nut securing the battery cable end to the starter once you have located the starter positive cable post on the starter.


  • You will need to first block the rear wheels to keep the vehicle from rolling if you need to raise it to get access to the positive post on the starter. Raise the vehicle on the starter side and use a jack stand to support the vehicle while you work under it.

Things You'll Need

  • Ratchet and extension with metric and SAE sockets
  • 1/2-inch combination wrench
  • Wheel blocks
  • Jack
  • Jack stand

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