How to Disassemble Furniture When Preparing for a Move

Moving or relocation can be a big job for an individual or a family. One of the many challenges of moving a household from one housing space to another is getting bigger pieces of furniture all the way out of one building and into the next. Doorways, hallways and other constricted spaces can cause problems for those who are moving furniture. Some common tactics and strategies help professional movers and do-it-yourself families to disassemble furniture when preparing for a move. Using some of these basic steps will allow those responsible for moving to plan thoroughly and keep the process going smoothly.


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    Get the right tools. Disassembling furniture often requires some standard tools. One is a flat head or Philips head screwdriver of an appropriate size for small furniture screws. In addition, much new furniture requires a small hex wrench, where having a set of these tiny metal wrenches will help.
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    Evaluate which pieces of furniture must be disassembled in order to fit through constricted spaces.
    • Some industry resources show that the top three most disassembled pieces of furniture are desks, entertainment centers and sofas. Look at these big furniture installations, and others like beds, armories and dressers, to find out which ones will need some structural work in order to be removed from the home.
    • Measure all furniture for clearance. Methodically measuring all large pieces of furniture and appliances will ensure that all of these items can make their way unimpeded out to the moving truck.
    • Assess your environment. Some places are harder to move furniture out of than others. For example, a New York City loft might present a bigger challenge than a medium-sized detached house in the suburbs. Look at all of the obstacles that furniture pieces may face to brainstorm how to get them through a home.
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    Inspect furniture pieces for disassembling points. In many cases, it's easy to see where sofa legs, bookcase shelves and similar pieces get unscrewed or detached. For some pieces, for example, where upholstery covers dis assembly points, finding these critical points can be more challenging.
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    Disassemble furniture with tools. Use two or more people as necessary to prevent parts of certain furniture pieces from falling on the floor and getting damaged.
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    Keep hardware attached to the furniture pieces. Lots of little screws and other fasteners can get lost in the moving process. To prevent this, seal all small parts in a plastic bag or other container, or simply keep them to the outside or inside of a piece of furniture.


  • Consult furniture moving experts. Some professional movers called "furniture surgeons" can help figure out that tricky transport for a piece of furniture that seems to have arrived inside of the home by some magical process. These experts know the tricks of the trade and can often solve a particular moving dilemma.

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  • Appropriate tools, i.e. screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.
  • Measuring tape or yardstick

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