How to Disable the Green Light on a Thrustmaster T.16000M Joystick

The Thrustmaster T.16000M is a great budget joystick for flight sims enthusiasts. However it comes with a green light that illuminates the base of the stick whenever you use it. It may look cool for some, but it can be distracting when used in dark environments. Unfortunately, there is no switch to turn this light off. This guide will show you how to cut the power off the leds in the joystick.


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    Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the 6 black screws under the base of the joystick.
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    Remove the bottom lid.
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    The four leds are connected in a parallel circuit. The power wires are connected to the main board just under the right-handed / left-handed switch.
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    Cut the red wire.
    1. Note: on the photo, the wire has been cut close to the board. If you plan on reversing the process by reconnecting the wires later, you may want to cut it a bit further away from the board.
    2. Note: you can also put a SPST switch on this wire to allow re-enabling the light easily.
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    Replace the bottom lid and the 6 screws.


  • This operation is easily done, but reversing it will be a bit more tricky. You'll have to strip the red wires and reconnect them with electrical tape. Another solution is adding an SPST switch to the wire.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Scissors

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