How to Develop Your Own Beliefs

Many people don't attend a specific place of worship, and/or don't follow a religion. These people often have trouble determining what they really believe in. Worry no more, help is here.


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    Research the beliefs of other religions. Sometimes you can believe in something from one religion, and believe in something else in another. You don't need to follow one certain religion. Adopt beliefs from other religions, and start working from there on what you believe in.
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    Visit other places of worship. You don't have to plan it out, simply visit a different place each day and listen to the service. This is a great way to adopt beliefs. Make sure that you know the rules of the religion before visiting, and make sure you don't violate them.
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    Create or read fake scenarios, and think of what you'd do. If you saw an old man walking across the street with great trouble who was homeless, what would you do? Would you help him across the street and give him some money? Or would you give him a ride to a shelter and give him half of your bagel? These decisions could greatly help determine your beliefs.
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    Make a list of your beliefs Often, simply writing down what you believe and what you don't believe can help. Make a simple T-Chart of the beliefs you hold and the beliefs you reject. This way, you can see your beliefs in a tangible form and it may help you identify similarities between your ideas and the ideas of other religions.
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    Don't be afraid to change your beliefs. The whole point of not having a specific religion is experimenting! Don't be afraid to radically change your beliefs almost every day. After a while, you'll most likely settle down into a set of beliefs. At this point, you'll probably be able to find a religion that supports these beliefs.


  • Don't be afraid to explore different religions! Even if you don't fully convert, the community will be glad you took an interest in them.

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