How to Develop The Characteristics of a Entrepreneur

Job market stability changes with the economy. When the job market is depressed, counting on an employer to provide for your future can be a risky enterprise. During tough economic times, many people choose to go into business for themselves. Do you want to be in charge of your own future? If you develop the characteristics of an entrepreneur, you may be able to create your own business opportunities.


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    Examine your interests and abilities.
    • List your areas of interest. What are your hobbies? What would you like to learn? Should you pursue your own business, you'll have more chance of success if you enjoy what you do.
    • Write down your talents. Make the list extensive, and include abilities you wouldn't normally list on a resume. Expertise in fishing, coin collecting or restoring 1950s-era automobiles are all examples of talents entrepreneurs have transformed into businesses.
    • Note your personality strengths and weaknesses. Be honest, and get additional opinions from truthful people who know you well. In order to develop entrepreneurial characteristics, it's imperative that you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
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    Challenge yourself to find opportunities.
    • Evaluate your lists for business potential. What type of businesses could you develop out of your interests and expertise?
    • Write down all ideas, no matter how unusual. Use your imagination to its full potential. Even an outrageous thought may eventually lead to a feasible business plan.
    • Think like an entrepreneur. What correlation can you make between your talents and existing businesses in your area? What gaps in their products or services could you fill? What market share could be available?
    • Brainstorm with others to gain additional insight. Discuss your ideas with entrepreneurial-minded friends or family members. Their input can help you hone your ideas.
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    Seek council from successful entrepreneurs.
    • Find thriving businesses that relate to your areas of interest. Focus on small companies; small business owners are typically entrepreneurs themselves. They can be easier to contact and more willing to share information than owners of large corporations.
    • Study those businesses. You can learn from the successes and failures of others on your journey to become an entrepreneur. Visit their Web sites and physical locations. Study their ads and sample their products and services. What are they doing right or wrong? What areas are lacking attention? What could you improve?
    • Contact a business owner. Explain your interest in their field and request a brief meeting at their convenience. If you're turned down, move on to the next. Be persistent, and you'll find someone willing to share their knowledge.
    • Prepare your questions before the meeting. What do you really want to know? Consider this person a teacher who can help you think like an entrepreneur. Organize your questions in order of importance so you can respect their time and schedule. If they're willing to meet again, take the opportunity. A mentor can help you navigate unfamiliar territory as you develop the characteristics of an entrepreneur.


  • To widen your entrepreneurial horizons, consider taking classes in Marketing and Small Business Development.
  • As a potential business owner, you're also potential competition. You may have better success talking with entrepreneurs whose businesses are not in your immediate area. It isn't essential that you meet in person; you can also learn a great deal from a phone conversation.

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