How to Develop Problem Solving Skills

Success in life often depends on how you solve the problems you face, whether at work or in your daily life. Developing the skills needed to solve problems is not an overnight process but takes time and patience. This guide will outline the basics to get you started


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    Extract yourself from the situation. In some cases, you become emotionally involved in the problem at hand which hinders you ability to solve the problem effectively. Treat every problem from a purely academical viewpoint.
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    Think out of the box. Solving problems does not have a tried and tested procedure. In many cases, the first solution you come up with may not be the best. Try thinking about radical methods you could employ to solve the problem at hand.
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    Develop analytical skills. Analyzing the problem is the first step towards solving it. Good analytical skills are essential and can be developed by solving crossword puzzles, programming, playing mind games and generally quizzing your mind. Perhaps the best methods include solving logical problems or thinking about paradoxes.
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    Learn to identify the problem. While a problem may seem simple at first, identifying the core is a key skill which needs to be developed. A good way to develop the skill is by reading mystery novels, typically the "who did it" variety. Trying to figure out who did something trains you to sift through the junk and identifying the key facts which actually matter.

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