How to Develop Personal Skills

Three Parts:Performing Miracles YourselfBecoming Self-ReliantDropping Expectations of Everyone Else

If you are expecting the world to work for you at all times, to cheer you on, clap along as you create miracles that make the world a better place, then you may well have heightened your expectations way above and beyond where they should be. Instead of expecting, start creating and developing your personal skills to the extent that you engage with others in such a way that you get what you want from life without sitting about hoping it'll just happen.

Part 1
Performing Miracles Yourself

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    Keep your expectations about yourself reasonable, as you exert your energy into "creating miracles". Do not expect the miracles to be easy and don't expect to be brilliant at everything you seek to do. However, do accept that self improvement is about personal hard work, self critique and determination to keep working on changing aspects of yourself for the better.
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    Understand that in order to be exceptional, to stand out from the crowd, you will need to be focused on doing your best. Becoming that person who really accomplishes something great, means knowing your strengths, working on weaknesses that let you down and learning the skills needed to be good at relating to others.

Part 2
Becoming Self-Reliant

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    Become self-reliant. This includes acknowledging within that you are doing the right thing and not always looking for agreeable sources external to you. You do not need validation of the good you do; get on with doing it.
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    Realize what the true meaning behind "self-reliance" means. It means that you need to be drawing strength (your state of being) from within, which means that you are having power come from within yourself instead of resting while looking for validation from an outside source.
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    Learn to draw strength from within. This is a skill that you need to cultivate within yourself every single day. This will only work for you if you put in the time. When you do so, you will become really good at expressing it.

Part 3
Dropping Expectations of Everyone Else

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    Create needs. Fulfill needs and begin lowering and dropping your expectations for everyone else. Don't imagine that you need anyone else to make you into what you want to be.
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    Set goals. Set some immediate, short, medium and long term goals for yourself. Don't expect anyone to decide or to do things for you. You are in charge of your own destiny. Don't be afraid of being a beginner.
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    Actualize your goals. Step by step, heighten your expectations of fulfilling your goals. Begin doing them, one then another, improving in big and small ways, learning from experience and working through them yourself, while at the same time helping others. That is when you will really begin to make an impact on the world instead of expecting the world to have an impact on you. Start doing and becoming what you want.

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