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The brain has two distinct hemispheres, left brain versus right brain. According to the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance, a person who is ‘left-brained’ is said to be more logical, and analytical, while a person who is ‘right-brained’ is more intuitive, thoughtful and creative. To fully develop both hemispheres of the brain, it is important to vary thought processes so that we use both convergent and divergent thinking, both the linear, and the creative thought processes.


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    Stay curious and inquisitive. People who are curious and persistent, who experiment, make mistakes and are willing to take risks also have the courage to be creative. Their learning environment has to be safe to fail, revise and try again. [1]
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    Create rich, stimulating natural environments to stimulate your brain development. Beauty of any flower pattern, or simply a shape of a branch, immediately connects us with the forever present field of Life Force that has an amazing mathematical intelligence that pulsates through all living beings. Our state of consciousness is very different when we try to cross a crowded street in any major city and when we fall into a meditative contemplation observing the shape of a tree in the middle of a mountain path.
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    Learn how to think and meditate. [2] Challenge and explore your own learning patterns, invent new ones and always give yourself time and space for reflection. We are constantly bombarded by ready made 'solutions’ so creative minds need to stay isolated from the formulas given by society, seeking for the answers in most unpredictable places, within the silence of meditation.
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    Get inspiration from others. A mind should not be thought to passively observe the world. Its expansion happens when we are open to the new possibilities, when we stay full of wonder inspired by nature, music and people.
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    Practice music and arts. Researches show that artists are more likely to use both hemispheres of their brain and more likely to use divergent thinking in their thought processes. Divergent Thinking is a thought process used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possibilities. Instead of taking obvious steps and walking along a straight line, one looks at different aspects of the situation, creating different results. Divergent thinking is often used as a parallel of convergent thinking that follows a particular set of logical steps to arrive at one solution.
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    Stay Within the Creative Flow. To be creative we have to choose to be different from everyone else. Learning the skill of creativity is about learning to challenge the existing, learning to trust one’s idea, and working hard to change the world that is by default stuck in the space of ‘conventional’.
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    Use the Stream of Consciousness Writing or Write Poetry. Write anything that comes to your mind allowing your inner being to express itself. Use no form or structure while writing, but let your soul and intuition express the subtle inner relationships and underlying processes within your life creatively, and imaginatively.
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    Learn to juggle. Juggling helps with bilateral proficiency, leading to physical brain development.


  • Write Haiku Poetry. They are 3 lines Japanese style of poems that beautifully express the world, seeking to expose the reader to the very nature of existence.

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