How to Develop As a Language Teacher

Experienced instructors who are teaching languages can continue to progress in their careers by pushing themselves to develop new skills and find new approaches to language teaching. If you plan on working in language instruction for a long time, use these basic steps to enhance what you can offer to learners. A variety of suggestions from experts will help you develop as a language teacher and become a better instructor.


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    Teach different kinds of classes. One way to develop your approach as a language teacher is to diversify the kinds of classes that you provide.
    • Teach different ages and class sizes. Teaching a single student is different from instructing a large class, and teaching children is different from teaching adults. Try a variety of classes to diversify your approach and become more flexible as a language instructor.
    • Teach different levels. You may be great at helping beginners get their first few words down, or fantastic at fine-tuning an individual's existing knowledge of a language. By learning how to do both, you will become a more valuable part of the language teaching community.
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    Utilize continuing education. It's always possible to take more courses in classroom instruction to fine-tune your teaching skills.
    • Classroom management or similar workshops can help you with the administrative side of an instructional program, where more specialized classes from experienced trainers will address the "building blocks of language" to help you build technique.
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    Use creative thinking while evolving your approach as a language instructor.
    • Think from the student's perspective. Approach your classes as if you are involved in them from the other side and brainstorm appropriately to enhance or improve classes and programs.
    • Add interactive activities and elements to your classes. This will help to provide a very important aspect of instruction for language classes: engagement of students in real-time, hands-on experience with language.
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    Develop your curriculum. Use a number of common strategies to build a curriculum that you can use in the classroom to make your language classes better.
    • Accumulate handouts. Build a supply of handouts you have used in a class. Keep them in an accessible location for future classes.
    • Evaluate textbooks through use. Find the best (and worst) aspects of textbooks available from language education companies and renovate your use of these resources to provide classes that address specific student needs.
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    Include motivational components and challenges. Make sure your classes promote the kinds of skills that help students master a language. Include relevant challenges for improving the use of a language.

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