How to Determine What Girls to Hang out With

Ever wonder how those popular girls get such a diverse array of friends? Ever wonder how they can be friends with "undesirables" but still maintain their current status? Well, this article will help you determine what girls you can hang out with if you want to be on the road to popularity.


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    Scope out your options. Do you want to be seen with mainly pretty girls and completely shut out everyone else, or do you want to be the girl who is friends with everybody? Most people would prefer the second choice, but it is mainly up to you.
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    Know the types of girls. There are many different types of girls and it is great to be friends with at least one of each.
    • The All-Out Nerd. This girl doesn't give a care about personal hygiene, and she loves to read books in the corner of the classroom. She might not look it, but this girl loves to be complimented and likes attention and would give anything for a girl of Popular status to talk to her, let alone notice her.
    • The Nice-But-Different Girl. She's not as low down as the nerds, but she might sit near them at lunch to feel safe. She's either partially unattractive or she's semi-pretty. Needs attention constantly or she feels she will drop to the All-Out Nerd level. She gets this attention by dressing or acting differently. Sometimes worships the Populars and is always jealous and wants to be friends with them, let alone be one of them.
    • The All-Around Cheerful Girl. She might not be a Popular girl yet, but she's good at heart and likes to talk to everyone who's nice to her first. Normally won't speak unless spoken to, unless her friends are around. If someone is mean to her, she feels bitter inside but covers her feelings with a smile. Is usually at least semi-pretty. Usually has a good amount of friends.
    • The Somber, Dead Girl. She dresses like a zombie and hates any color but black. She has a "Who Cares" attitude and a negative outlook on life. She says she hates the Popular crowd because they're all the same, yet somewhere down the line of her life she wanted to be Popular too, but she was rejected from their crowd. Now, all she wants is to be as far away as possible from school. Is sometimes pretty, mostly a bit intimidating. Might be hard to socialize with.
    • The Popular Girl. She has many Popular friends and shops at designer stores, Abercrombie, Hollister, or American Eagle. She sometimes can act like a wannabe because she's not in the ultra-elite popular crowd... yet. She hangs out with every girl she thinks is pretty to up her status. She doesn't want anything to do with nerdy boys or nerdy girls. She can't stand anything that is different. If you want to be friends with her, invest in a good array of haircare products and a wardrobe bigger than your room.
    • The Elite Popular Girl [Queen Bee]. She has more shoes than you do cells in your body and she wants nothing more than attention. She lives and breathes love and she won't stop until every person in the school loves her as much as she wants them to. She normally dresses to intimidate people into worshiping her. She might be snotty and talk behind people's backs, so watch out if you want to form a relationship with her. Try to compliment her, but not too much or she'll be weird-ed out and she'll drop you in an instant.
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    Become friends gradually. Don't seem to eager to become friends. Friendships and bonds take time, remember that. Never seem like you want to become best friends at first glance. Great friendships don't happen in one day.
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    Be nice! Nobody, not even the nerds, want a friend that's mean, even if they're pretty, popular and rich.
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    Wear nice clothes. The nerds will think you're as nerdy as them and the Populars will reject you in an instant if you're dressed like a slob. Shop at clothing stores that are considered "In" and wear flattering clothes. Get a nice haircut. If you have acne or zits, wear foundation or cover-up. Don't overdo your makeup.
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    Be outgoing. Being shy won't get you anywhere, so if you want to hang out with these girls don't shy away from golden opportunities to talk with them and become friends!


  • You might not be able to become friends with everyone, remember that!

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