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Cars are important machines that move us from place to place. Designs and models for cars come out annually and they look amazing each year. Why not start your own design for a car? Here is an article to design a car.


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    Think of what your car is going to look like. Will it be electric? Will it be a sports car? Have a brainstorm. Remember, be sure what kind of car you want it to be.
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    Draw some rough sketches of the car. Do it from all angles. Top, side, front, back. If you don't like your sketches, then think of something else.
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    Draw the car on a piece of paper. Use things around the house to draw wheels. E.g Beakers, Lids. If you can't find one the right size, then why not buy some drafting tools. You can get these from all online supermarkets. E.g Amazon, E-Bay.
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    Show the finished drawing to your friends. If you're lucky you might be able to buy some computer equipment so that you can design your car in 3D.
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    If you are working for a car company or maybe just your own little business, then try to make the car. Remember, don't make it out of expensive materials unless you know that you will be able to afford it and still make a profit.


  • Before you do the finished design on paper, be 100% sure of what you want your car to look like.
  • Try to do it overtime and go back to it whenever you get a new idea!


  • Do not copy other cars if you are going to make them because if you do then you could be sued or even sent to jail.

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