How to Deliver the Best Live Chat Support to Your Customers

Integrate live chat to your website for numerous benefits. You might not know that adding live chat to website can also massively enhance conversion rates. It is because majority of online customers prefer conducting transactions with websites backed up with live website support. Therefore, providing a phone number and an email address as contact details is not enough, nowadays.

However, to make the most of live chat support, entrepreneurs need to be active as website visitors expect an immediate response (mostly within seconds), regarding their queries. According to Forrester Research’s findings, 44% consider that getting answer of their queries right in the middle of an online purchase is the most important feature, a website can offer. While, 63% prefer getting back to website for repeat purchase that offer live chat feature. The survey further revealed that 38% of online customers took their purchase decision due to live chat session.

The impressive figures describe the importance of live website support to growing your business. However, the next question is how one can make the most of live support? Perfect implementation of live support is the answer. Following are few pointers highlighting how can entrepreneurs rightly implement it to their websites and make the most out of it.


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    Prepare yourself.Before making chat icon live on your website, completely understand your website and your customers’ needs. With the help of Google analytics, you can easily get to know about the activity of visitors on your website and the time when most of them are on your website. For every online business, 9 to 5 chat hours will not work but 24/7 cover is a better option. Seeing your website traffic influx and chat frequency, you can decide the number of resources you need to handle chats. You must offer an exceptional live chat service experience to your clients because they will not be settled at anything less than the best. Remember, an unresponsive chat is worse than no chat at all.
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    Deploy experienced chat operators. You must have deployed experienced and well-informed live chat operators on your website to handle customers’ queries. Make sure the skills of your chat operators exceed prevailing industry standards and they utterly understand your website. They must be well aware of your website features, functionality and business operations. Keep them abreast of the product updates, features, innovations and new versions.
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    Learn a few rules of thumb. There are few rules that every operator must follow before going live to handle chats. Remember to welcome every visitor by his/her name. Try to respond promptly. If customer has a request that will take time to process, let him know. Learn when to chat proactively, as sometimes it becomes irritating for customers. Try to avoid cold responses and minimize the use of canned messages. Try to provide warm responses to visitors and give as much human touch as possible to your chat session.
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    Be Patient. It is usually observed that most of the customers ask same kinds of questions from operators and it can irritate them for nothing. Be sure to provide access to online library, canned messages and FAQs to make it easier for your operators to answer quickly to customers. Try to keep answers short and to the point. At the same time, business experts suggest to minimize the use of canned messages.Add human touch and answer as many questions yourself as possible. Otherwise, leaving your customers’ queries unanswered or pending for a long time kills the purpose of adding live chat support on your e-commerce website.
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    Conduct post chat surveys. Always keep a record of your live chat operators’ accomplishments from time to time. By conducting post chat survey, you can measure their performance. Negative feedback will help you keeping a tab on your weak points and improving them with time. Do not forget to ask your customers to like your Facebook page and leave a comment on it to buck you up.
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    Always strive to provide exceptional customer service.Do not forget, new yet strong relationships are always built upon exceptional service. Business relationships are no exception to this rule and live chat support provided by WebGreeter and other renowned live website support providers offer the means to achieve this. All you need is to use this support wisely. If you do so, you will reap huge business benefits in terms of elevated sales volume, better conversion rate and more traffic.

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