How to Deliver a Funny Best Man Speech

A funny best man speech is something in which many wedding guests appreciate. Delivering a funny, entertaining and a appreciated speech is easy, provided you consider carefully the most crucial principle: when it comes to performing a funny best man speech - know your limits! A number of people are under the impression that they are so incredibly funny that they will certainly make men and women laugh by just saying anything, not true. Follow these steps to be genuinely funny and avoid jokes that are corny, stale and not remotely amusing.


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    Do your research. Yes, it appears cliché, however you will be shocked to understand that a lot of individuals take these suggestions for granted. A funny best man speech must be filled up with jokes, testimonies in regards to the groom and bride, and several great little anecdotes that you want to share with you with the crowd. Attempt to remember the funny moments that you simply discussed with all the bride and groom, talk to your friends and relatives and uncover what they should say about them, and use all this information to make your speech funny in an appealing approach.
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    Do not try too difficult to be funny. In case your speech is good, men and women will surely enjoy it. You don't have to do some type of physical comedy to create people laugh. A lot of people try too hard to be funny and turn out to be the butt from the joke at the wedding.
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    Here's a significant point you need to remember - you're a best man, not a stand-up comedian. Funny best man speeches are not just about comedies. You must thank the made the wedding possible, the mother and father of the bride and groom, your friends and family to make it to the wedding, and you should also point out something good concerning the couple - why you believe they're made for each other and so on. So, don't simply concentrate on the jokes. It should be an extensive speech.
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    There is a thin line in between being funny and being silly and embarrassing. Unfortunately, the line is so thin that a lot of individuals are not able to see it at all. As a best man, you should make sure that the happy couple enjoy their day fully. So, don't reveal anything that is too private or uncomfortable for the bride or the groom.
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    A funny best man speech should be funny for individuals of nearly every age. Basically, know your audience. Usually do not crack lewd jokes or something which can be considered inappropriate for the visitors.
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    You should be careful about the body language and the selection of vocabulary. It's not necessary to do anything whatsoever that will send out drastically wrong indicators to people. Remember - you're the best friend of the bridegroom. If you look bad, it echos upon him as well.
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    It is fine to make fun of the bride and groom in a light-hearted way in your funny best man speeches. But ensure you do not tension on the less attractive behavior of the couple. This will make them seem negative thus making you look even worse. Consequently, the stories you share can be personal, however, you should take care not to cross the line.


  • There you have it guys. They are a number of recommendations that will help prepare amusing best man speeches and make your best friend's marriage ceremony more memorable. A tip is you should be confident and professional. Do not deliver dry jokes.
  • Here are some tips to make your speech funny.
    • Use props, funny props can have the guests in tears of laughter so consider using one in your speech. Examples include fake faxes, fake Facebook profiles and fake school reports.
    • Don't be afraid to make a joke at your own expense, this will endear the audience to you.
    • Offer funny advice on marriage.
    • Use a famous funny quote about married life.
  • As speech writers we have seen over and over that many best men try to make their speeches hilarious and that's wrong.Instead you should give a speech you can call your own by looking within and asking yourself this:what can of speech can i give best?If for instance you are an emotional guy,then giving a sentimental speech will work wonders for you and the audience.
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