How to Defend Yourself in an Assault

It's better to be safe then sorry. If you think that your house will be assaulted anytime soon, or just want to be prepared, read on.


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    Use your knowledge of your house to your advantage. Know which rooms are optimal for defending yourself in. Keep your back to plain walls without objects that could fall on you or be exploited by your attacker.
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    Try to avoid conflict with your attackers altogether, and instead barricade yourself somewhere and call the police. They are professionals and will do a much better job then you ever could because not only do they have the gadgets, they have experience.
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    Choose stealth over a full-blown charge, as it gives you the element of surprise.
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    Use things as weapons that would normally not be thought of as weapons. (i.e. a frying pan, the coat rack, etc.)
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    Get in the correct stance. Make sure your dominant side is closer to your attacker; i.e., have your dominant hand and foot forward. Turn as much as possible while being able to keep an eye on your attacker, in order to minimize the surface area that your attacker has to reach you.
    • This stance will also reduce your chance of being hit by direct punches. It makes it easier for you to move sideways and backwards to dodge.
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    Opt to stun, rather than to kill. Once the attacker/s have been stunned, tie them up quickly or secure them in a small room without windows (basement, pantry, etc.) that you know they can't get out of and call the police immediately.
    • Use jabs with your arm and palm strikes with the back of your hand.
    • Try a combination of two jabs followed by a fist to the gut.
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    Aim for an effective target. Aim for the groin, the gut, the eyes, and the knees; these will all cause great discomfort or even knock your attacker down or out for a time.
    • One of the most effective places to hit an attacker is in the solar plexus -- right between the ribs in the middle of the body. However, this can be difficult when both you and your opponent are moving constantly.
    • The next option would be the throat or the neck. If you were to hit the throat with a nice and easy small punch, you would be able to knock the wind out of them for some time. A light punch, not a hard full-force punch, will suffice to collapse the wind pipe.


  • Never deal a fatal blow. You can go to jail if you kill the attacker or disable him for life, so the key here is stopping the attack long enough for you to tell someone or to escape.
  • While you are fighting, avoid over-thinking! Thinking will cause you to freeze up during the fight, if at all possible, act upon instinct. If a right or left jab is coming at you, dodge backwards as far as possible. Dodge to the side to avoid a straight punch.
  • Take a martial arts class. They might be somewhat expensive, but they are worth it as they do not only teach you the basic moves, but how to execute them properly, when to use them, etc.


  • Never use a gun except in self defense.
  • Make sure that the gun you own is properly licensed.
  • Your "street cred" or popularity is not at stake here, do not try to show off or make up fancy moves, this will only make the aggressor more angry and will give him all the more reason to go after you.

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