How to Defend Yourself During an Invasion

When a massive disaster happens (such as the Japanese tsunami disaster), then the victims from the disaster will move to another area and drain out the resources. For example, if a power plant disaster would happen and contaminate the area or even worse, then they could move to another area, country, or a continent. If they move to China, then the increased population would drain the resources there faster. They will then move to another area, and the cycle repeats. So what happens if a riot or violent rampage starts, then how will you defend your own life? How will you defend your supplies against invaders?


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    Look for signs of a disaster and reports of increased immigrant crossings, roadblocks, barricades, and increased violence are some signs and an incident like a riot. If somethings like these happen, then you've finished the first step in examining an invasion. The second step in examining is to look for any other signs on the media such as the news.
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    If the violence and rioting increases, then you should be ready for an evacuation or for an increase in defenses of your house. Store food, and other supplies to last up for about a week or a month depending on timing of evacuation or until the violence dies down.
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    Find weapons around the house to use or get weapons from stores. Such weapons could be lead pipes, a knife, a baseball bat, or a crowbar. Such weapons that don't meet the criteria are b-b or pellet guns. Consider buying a weapon like a gun, or a sword.
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    Build up defenses. Once stocked up on supplies, barricade and board up your house. If you want to camouflage your house, then break windows, board up only a few areas, and make the inside dull. However if you break the windows, then after, your repair bill would be high, and then survivors or refugees could mistake your home for shelter, which means another invader.
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    Do not be afraid to resist intruders. You are trying to defend your life, and your safety and survival needs are first. Do not expect them to be friendly, unless they are family members who are displaced.


  • The bigger the party you have, the more resources you will use up. Store up enough supplies depending on the size of your party.
  • If you can hide, do it, this isn't the movies where you can dodge bullets. Don't try to be a hero either, shrapnel from explosions can travel great distances and can be fatal. In all cases, remain safe, secure and strong.
  • Try to relax, don't completely hyperventilate yourself!

Read some guidelines how to defense yourself against any invasion.

  • Try to reduce using ranged weapons such as guns, as they use up ammo.


  • It is possible that in order to survive, another member of your group, family or neighbors might take your food and supplies.

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