How to Defend Yourself During a Fight at School

A lot of kids, (especially teens), get bullied or angry to the point of fighting one another. Many fights can get brutal but this article will give you ways to protect yourself and prevent the action of more violence. This article will also help you out on how to make yourself look like the good guy during it, so you won't be hated by half the school for fighting. If you think you might get into a fight you should read this article.


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    Let your opponent start the fight (if they started the fight you will get in less trouble with friends, family and the law).
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    Try not to let them hit you, if they do a good kick to the shins or groin could prevent another strike, or a powerful elbow.
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    Headlock them as best you can, but if it's on school grounds you should let go after a while so they don't pass out and pin the blame on you. After letting go, try to make sure they fall on the ground and pin them.
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    Don't say anything to egg them on (threats, insults, racism, or even compliments). If their friends are there they could use your words against you. Or if the fight persists the opponent could end up winning.
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    If anyone like their friends or allies join the fight and you're outnumbered try to run or defend yourself while running off, if they throw things at you, try to avoid the objects (if it's a knife or other sharp object, use common sense don't block that(those) object(s) with your hands or other part that can get cut, you will really get severely cut or even worse)


  • If the opponent is way bigger and taller than you are, don't worry about it. But don't let them get a hold of you.
  • If your opponent has you in a position that could mean your life, fight with all you've got. Resist as much as you can, and don't be afraid to do anything you can to get out of that position!
  • If they hurt your arms badly trip them and RUN! As fast as you can run near a class room most teachers are in the room try to make them see what's happening.
  • Try to observe their moves,attacks,and dodges. If you can find a pattern, try to fight back, but use the pattern to help you advance and possibly win the fight or to help keep you alive.
  • A lot of kids don't have fighting experience. If you show that your strength is superior to their strength, most kids will become embarrassed and leave you alone.
  • If you're planning a fight, practice first. Nobody wants to look like a complete idiot who lost because they didn't know how to fight.
  • Be careful to punch with your fist straight or your wrist will break. Don't put your thumb inside your fist, or it'll break.
  • When you are in a lot of pain, if your blocks don't really help against kicks or punches that are too strong to resist, always try to escape( do not put yourself through pain that will hurt your vital organs or face unless your willing to get yourself in a hospital and look "funny".
  • If you're outnumbered, run in the opposite direction and get help or intervention. They will hurt you if they mean it.
  • Once the person is down, pin them and wear them out, then run to a teacher or adult and tell, but try not to let anyone see you.
  • If they surround you, try to find a fast or least painful way to get out like finding a weakness or opening in their "formation" and ram your way through their weakness and also if third short, attempt to jump over them if you're willing to.
  • Ignore all the kids that become your enemy after a fight. Most of the time if you show that what they're doing isn't affecting you, they will most likely leave you alone.
  • If you know that they are going to trap you and you are alone try to be the closest you can to a teacher.


  • PLEASE do not think about showing off your "skills" to everyone in the "world" it could cause you to get into many fights and maybe a fight could get you killed or make you lose a chunk or part of you body or worse.......
  • You could get suspended.
  • There is a very good chance that you will get hurt.
  • You could get arrested.
  • You could get charged or sued.
  • You will probably become less popular.

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