How to Deep Fry Chestnuts

Roast chestnuts are delicious when cooked well, but this alternative cooking method helps you to avoid burning your fingers when peeling them, with the added advantage that you only cook the good ones. Any that turn out to be bad once peeled can be discarded at this stage, avoiding disappointment later.


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    Find a reasonably sharp (but not lethal) knife and use it to peel the chestnuts. Some varieties have harder shells than others. You may be able to do it without the aid of a knife on the thinner ones and if you have sharp or strong finger nails.
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    Preheat a chip pan (one with a basket is useful here) as you would when cooking potato chips, then add the chestnuts.
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    While you wait for the chestnuts to cook, prepare an empty work surface by covering it with an opened out broadsheet newspaper. Also get a few sheets of kitchen roll ready.
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    As with deep frying chips, you will see that the chestnuts are ready when they start to float.
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    Lift the basket out of the pan, hold it over the newspaper and shake off as much of the loose oil as possible now.
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    Hold the pan lid over the basket, and shake it vigorously over the newspaper. This will help to remove a lot of the inner shell (now dark brown).
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    Dry the chestnuts with the kitchen roll, and enjoy.


  • Try to cook chestnuts of a similar size so that they all cook evenly.
  • Chestnuts cook in slightly less time that it takes for an equivalent pan of potato chips to cook. If they are overdone, the outsides become hard, if they are extremely overdone, more of the nut will be too hard to eat.


  • Using a chip pan for chestnuts will result in the oil having to be replaced sooner due to part of the chestnuts outer shell remaining in the pan.

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