How to Deep Clean and Organize Your Room

Have you ever wanted to have an organized room? You've come to the right place! In this article, you'll find out how to make a very messy room into the clean, organized room you've always dreamed of!


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    Take everything off your bed, except for the mattress. Then, wash your bedding. While this is in the wash, try to pick up some of the items on the floor or continue with the steps. Flip your mattress to increase the lifespan and your comfort. When the washing is done, make your bed! Be sure to style the pillows any way you like! Make the bed neat, but also add a touch of your own personality. Making the bed makes a big difference in your room. If you have one, neatly place a stuffed animal on your pillow.
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    Take down the curtains on your window and put them in the washer.
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    Organize your bedside table. Take everything off and out of it. Organize the drawers and the top of it. Wipe down the bedside table and go through the items you cleared off the bedside table. Put anything important you might need on the top of it like a glasses case, cell phone, etc. But try not to make it too cluttered.
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    Organize your desk, because school is very important and schoolwork is easiest in an organized area. Take everything off the desk and sort it. Keep only stuff important to work or school and find homes for everything else. Wipe down the desk and neatly organize the items on the desk. Also, wipe down your desk chair. You are more likely to work well if you feel comfortable, clean, and organized.
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    Organize your bookshelf. Clear out the bookshelf and sort the items. Next, wipe down the shelves and give it a minute to dry. Next, organize books and keepsakes. Remember, you DO NOT want to create a junk shelf so DO NOT put things that are irrelevant to the other items on the bookshelf.
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    Organize the clothes in your closet a certain way. First, clear out the closet. Wash all your clothes. If clothing does not fit anymore, then donate it. Vacuum/mop/shampoo the floor and wipe down shelves, racks, and other parts of the closet. Next, hang up delicate items (note that knitted items should be folded in drawers to prevent stretching of the threads). Get more wear out of your closet by bringing a few rarely worn items to a more prominent position. If you don't wear items you should get rid of them, making space for clothing you will wear. Then, hang up or place the rest of your clothes on shelves. Put like clothes together (sweaters with sweaters, dresses with dresses, jeans with jeans, etc.) Now, organize your shoes neatly. You should always keep shoes with clothes so in the morning, you can dress from the head to the shoes.
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    Take everything out of your dresser, fold the stuff, and wipe it all down! Then, organize your clothes in the dresser. It is a good idea to keep all socks and all underwear together, so you can instantly see if you are running out! Try not place things on top of the dresser but if you do, do not clutter it. Try placing relevant items on it, like a jewelry box or alarm clock.
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    Tidy up anything else not listed in this article. Be sure to wipe down all surfaces that you clean off. If you have a mirror, a TV, or a computer in your room, wipe off the screens. Take out the trash and take the donated items to a donation station (Goodwill or a thrift store) Be sure that you have a place for everything but if it doesn't belong in your room, take it to where it does belong!
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    Dust, vacuum or mop, wash windows, and if you like, spray your favorite air freshener scent. Then, open all the blinds! Sunlight is the finishing touch!
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    Make sure that you like the way your room looks. If you get bored with it, change it up. Make sure if you do move things around, to get help so you don't hurt yourself.
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    Enjoy your now clean and organized room! Be sure that if you do take something out that you put it away. Begin a daily routine to help you make sure that your room stays looking good!


  • Turn some music on while cleaning your room but don't get distracted by it.
  • Try not to relocate things in your room. If it's hidden away, then maybe it should go. Make sure you don't get distracted with stuff while cleaning your room; it just wastes more time!
  • Do not let your room get messy! To avoid this, start a daily routine to keep it looking good! Remember these simple rules: "If you take it out, put it back" and "If you bring an item in, you take an item out."
  • Don't get frustrated if this takes you a long time. It's all worth it in the end!
  • Take your time, if you rush, it will probably end up looking bad.
  • When you clean your room, be careful not to turn on the TV and if you only focus on your room you will be done in a nifty. Store stuff that you won't be using now on a box and put it in your closet or under your bed.
  • Try doing a big clean up like this over a weekend, this will allow you to have a bit more freedom as to what time you do it. You can also spread the work over a couple of days (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Clean alone otherwise, you might get distracted by whatever you're talking about and you stop cleaning!
  • A suggestion for organization is to get some old jars and put pens and pencils, etc. in them.
  • If it's nighttime and it's getting late, don't stay up to finish. Once its morning and you wake up, you can continue cleaning your room.
  • Try to do a "15 on, 15 off, 15 on" cleaning system. Clean and organize one area for 15 minutes, then move to another area to clean/organize for 15 minutes, and then go back to the first area for 15 minutes, and then take a 15-minute break. This will help you to not get bored with the different areas so you can clean more efficiently. Make sure you leave plenty of time for this, or you risk ending up with several partially cleaned areas, instead of one perfectly organized room!
  • Also, if you have a computer, TV, or cell phone in your room, make sure to wipe down all their screens, remotes, and keyboards.
  • If you get tired of old and worn out furniture, go buy some new stuff! It looks nice if you get everything matching.
  • Keep your toys in a toy chest.
  • And if possible use a specific cleaning rag with super microfibers to dust.
  • Don't try to shove everything into one tiny place.
  • Try to keep a tidy room so you don't have to clean so much.
  • If there is anything you are not using anymore, you should probably store it away or give it away so it is not taking up any space.
  • When you clean your room, make your clothes into categories so you can find things much more easily. It will be a burden off your shoulders.
  • Get rid of things as you go because of you wait till the end you'll get mixed up with things you want to keep and things you want to get rid of.
  • When you lay something out for a while, then you don't want to clean it up, try to clean it up ASAP otherwise it makes your room even messier.

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