How to Decorate Difficult Bedrooms

This article will show you how to decorate difficult bedrooms. Maybe your bedroom is small, dark, an awkward shape, has non-paint-able walls or just seems... ugly. Whatever it is, you should be able to fix the problem with these steps.


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    Decide on a colour theme. This may be a subtle theme or the entire base of your room. Most room decorating articles say this, but it is quite important, otherwise your room will look random and untidy. If your walls are non-paint-able you may wish to add a large, coloured pin-board to your room. If you're lucky, your room came with one of these, but they are relatively easy to make and a savior when it comes to colour themes.
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    Tidy up! You really should start over as new as possible. This means deciding what you don't need anymore, and what you can tidy away into your cupboard. Don't go too overboard though. You don't want to throw away things that you may want or need in the future. Create a storage space in your cupboard and hide away the things that don't suite your rooms desired look.
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    Go with what you've got. Look over your room: the colour of the walls, ceiling and carpet, the window frames, the colour of the doors... everything matters. Usually most of the above are a white or creamy colour, which can be good or bad (you decide). Also look at the position of the windows in your room, and how much natural light is let in. This overview of your room will give you and idea of what extra furniture or decorations you will need.
    • If your room is small and doesn't get much light, consider it more of a "night-time room". If your room is airy and gets a lot of sun, it is most probably a "day-time room".
    • Some rooms are lucky enough to be both. Examples of this are rooms with slanting ceilings, skylights, or attic rooms. Although it may seem annoying, these rooms can look wonderful with the right decoration.
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    Shuffle your things around. Put all the small things in a pile outside your room (books, reading lamps, tissue boxes), leaving the big things (like beds, dressers or bookshelves) in your room. This way you will be able you move your furniture into the position you want it in freely. Once you have done this you will be able to bring in the necessities, like the lamp and the books for the shelf, leaving the decorations till last.
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    Decorate! Maybe you decided your room is a night-time room, so you got some fairy-lights. If it is a day-time room, you may have bought a couple of bean bags and made some tissue-paper fairy balls. Whatever it is, leave the decorating till last. If you don't you may later realize that that space is needed for something more important.


  • Make some of your own decorations. A photo wall for example.
  • You may want to look at duvets and bed skirts you already have to decide on the colour theme, otherwise you might be tempted into spending money on new ones.
  • Look around your home for decorations.

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