How to Decorate a Tree

Have you ever wanted to decorate a tree, even though it isn't a Christmas tree or Christmas? This article will teach you how to decorate palm, indoor, or any other tree you've been wanting to pretty up for the holidays, or even just for FUN!


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    First, you have to get a tree, or use one at you already own. On other occasions there are other choices, like:
    1. Outdoor palm trees (if they're not on your property, (Ex. Apartment complex or decorative)then make sure you get permission from whoever may own the tree.
    2. Bushes. They are NOT trees, they're bushes. But give them a chance, it might be just what you are looking for.
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    Decide on a place where you will place your tree. This is sometimes vital to the space it will take up. If your tree is planted and/or extremely large and almost impossible to pick up, then you don't have much of a choice.
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    Get the items you will need to decorate your tree. These items may vary slightly, depending on the purpose of the decorations.
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    After gathering the items, place them on your tree. The placing of the items and the spot they are placed adds to the beauty, so make sure you think before you place!
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    Inspect and expect. Inspect:
    1. Check everything you've put on our tree.
    2. If you're happy with everything you've done, then you pretty much have finished. If not, change the places of the décor until you are satisfied with the results.
    3. You may not have done very well the first time. But practice makes perfect and if you try hard enough, you will be perfect.
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    You're done! Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the decorative tree you've created!


  • Try, try, try! if you have up the first time, you'll never see how you did the last! (which, hopefully, won't be for awhile.)
  • Make sure you have the amount of décor that fits your need. But remember: Its better to have too much than not enough!


  • Some trees (Ex. Palm Trees) are best used for on type of décor. (Ex. Don't try putting ornaments on a palm tree. Stick to the lights, that is both safer and more sanitary.) be careful!
  • Christmas trees, which are very dry after you take them home, have a high risk of catching fire. Watch out for this!

Things You'll Need

  • One or more trees or bushes to decorate.
  • Ornaments of the preferred type
  • Creativity

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