How to Decorate a Small Room Which Has a Large Bed

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A large bed can seem to consume a small bedroom. Walking into it can flood you with a feeling of claustrophobia. But with the right tricks, your small bedroom will become relaxing and comfortable; in fact, you'll forget about its size completely. Here's how.

Method 1
What to Avoid

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    Ditch the dark colors. Dark colors in an already small room can make your bedroom feel like a cave. If you like dark colors, use them in accessories like throw pillows, area rugs, and accents in drapery and bed linen. Consider using lighter colors on the walls and ceiling to open up the space visually. Bring in natural light as much as possible to illuminate the space and your mood.[1]
    • A light, neutral-colored carpeting will seem to disappear into the room, tricking the eye. Similarly, horizontal stripes will widen the room, making it seem larger.
    • Keep your bedding clean, neat, and simple. Detailed patterns and outrageous colors draw the eye to the largest item in the room, highlighting its size.[2]
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    Lose the foot board. A small bedroom is not the place for a sleigh bed. It just takes up extra space and you'll find yourself moving around it, or, more accurately, running into it.
    • Head boards are fine. But as with everything, try to keep it light colored and not bulky; it's decorative, not necessary. You'll relish the extra 4 inches (10.2 cm) of space if you don't have one that's huge.
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    Remove clutter. Ever walked into a room that was messy and disorganized, cleaned it, and your mood automatically lightened? That goes double for a small room. Grab your little knickknacks that you don't actually use and put them away.
    • Get a bedskirt. There is so much space you can utilize under your bed. Buy some boxes or baskets and shove 'em under there -- it's easy access, too. If your closet is small, use it for your shoes. More room for your clothes!

Method 2
What to Do

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    Get pieces that multitask. Each day you're running around doing two things at once, so your furniture should, too. You want pieces that are utilitarian and easy on the eyes.
    • When you are picking your end table(s), choose one that has drawers or multiple levels of shelving. There's no point in picking one that wastes the space underneath the legs of the stand. You'll be able to hide more clutter or display more things without taking up more space.
    • Choose an armoire that can double as an entertainment center or an entertainment center that can double as an armoire. You can hide your clothes away (if your closet is too small, especially) or hide your TV away, if you have one. Either way, avoid having these two large pieces of furniture to keep your room from being a maze to get into and out of.
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    Use your walls. Thankfully, your room isn't just your floor -- you have walls too. How can you utilize them to your benefit? What ways can you take everything on the floor and move it up?
    • Don't waste space on lamps when you can install sconces. Have one on either side of an upright chair (linear chairs take up less space than their curved counterparts) to create a cozy reading nook.
    • One word: shelves. Your room can be utilized on all planes, so opt out of the tables and work with the space on the walls. It'll draw the eye up and off your large bed.
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    Don't forget about the ceiling. In recent years, tray ceilings in bedrooms have become more popular. They add a fifth dimension to the room that is often overlooked. If you have the option of adding this into your bedroom, go ahead and see how much volume you will open up.
    • If you want to remain with a standard ceiling, consider using a lighter color to fool the eye into the illusion of space. The darker the ceiling, the more closed in the room will feel, and vice versa.[1]
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    Create a focal point. The goal of your bedroom should be to draw away from its size. With a light primary color and a focal point (in any shade), this should be pretty easy to do.
    • If you have a fantastic piece of artwork, place it above the bed and draw the eye away from the rest of the room. If you aren’t too pleased with your bed but have an antique dresser that looks great, add a colorful vase to adorn the top. Use your imagination to accentuate the positive ambience about your room and remove emphasis from the small nature of your bedroom.[1]


  • Use plants in the room; they always adds to the feel of the space. Green plants add to the soothing atmosphere that a bedroom should always provide.

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